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5 Ways to Know You Are Ready to Lead this Fall

August 18, 2022

As schools start, church leaders and volunteers need to ensure they are ready for fall activities. Dan Reiland, executive pastor at 12 Stone Church, helps us prepare ourselves for the next few months.

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Welcome to the more to the story podcast I am glad you're here look, those of you who are church leaders, you are going to hear something today that is going to impact you significantly at this exact moment so hang on just for a second because you're you're going to enjoy.

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Andy Miller III: And really be find the content today useful Now I want you to make sure you know that this podcast is sponsored by Wesley biblical seminary where we are developing.

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Andy Miller III: trusted leaders for faithful churches, that means that there are churches out there, we know are looking for pastors they can trust that are well equipped.

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Andy Miller III: That are trained, who are ready to serve and we love the opportunity we get to pour into students, and so we have a variety of programs.

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Andy Miller III: From bachelor's master's doctorate degrees that are available that help equip people to be ready for church leadership.

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Andy Miller III: And secondly, I want to make sure you know about two things that are available from Andy Miller, the third calm, first, I have a free tool that's available to 45 minute teaching.

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Andy Miller III: That is five steps to deeper teaching and preaching and it's an eight page PDF document so if you sign up for our email list you'll get that for free, then, secondly i've just introduced something last month that came out it's this six week study for small groups Sunday school groups.

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Andy Miller III: Some actually some families are using our family devotions a study of the book of jude now, this might seem like you might even forget that the Book of jude even there.

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Andy Miller III: it's right before revelation just 25 verses but I found it to be incredibly relevant.

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Andy Miller III: For our time so I just wanna encourage you go to any Miller third calm take a look as if you're looking for some curriculum or a study to use for your small group.

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Andy Miller III: This would be a great resource it's called contender so i'd love for you to check that out.

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Andy Miller III: Alright, so today I have the treat to have on somebody i've admired for a long time, a leader who's led in church a church world and a variety of places, one of the.

00:02:56.310 --> 00:03:08.490
Andy Miller III: strongest churches in the western tradition, I think, is 12 stone Church, which is in that county and we have their executive pastor on with us, Dan Riley and Dan we are a fan of yours Thank you so much for coming on.

00:03:08.640 --> 00:03:14.310
Dan Reiland: Well it's a wonderful welcome Thank you Andy i'm delighted to be here and looking forward to our conversation.

00:03:15.120 --> 00:03:25.080
Andy Miller III: Well, we one of the things that's happened is you i'm really interesting to hear about your story, but I I served in that county and admire from afar, it will farming distance.

00:03:25.440 --> 00:03:34.080
Andy Miller III: While I was serving other church just a great way that 12 stone Church was making an impact for the Kingdom in that Community and as somebody else serving in a.

00:03:34.350 --> 00:03:39.630
Andy Miller III: pastoral leadership role it's like oh man, they have got it, I felt like I know it may not feel this.

00:03:39.870 --> 00:03:50.460
Andy Miller III: way to you have an inside knowing all the details, but they've got it all they are just rolling and it's it's awesome to see the way you're doing that So could you tell me a little bit just about your story and how you got to.

00:03:51.060 --> 00:03:56.790
Andy Miller III: This position, and not just position, but the opportunities that god's given you to to serve and use your gifts.

00:03:57.180 --> 00:04:10.920
Dan Reiland: Absolutely absolutely well i'm we may have heard about this a long time ago, but i'm actually a native of southern California born and raised in San Diego so it was quite a shock to my system to come from the Pacific Ocean to the chattahoochee river yeah.

00:04:11.220 --> 00:04:12.330
Andy Miller III: hahaha that's.

00:04:13.410 --> 00:04:17.820
Dan Reiland: that's a very it's a big trade and either God was in it, or i'm not very smart but anyway, I.

00:04:17.820 --> 00:04:32.490
Dan Reiland: got here and been at 12 stone for 20 years now, is xp and so loving at 12 stone, as you know, is a is a multi site church we're just launching our eighth campus next month and.

00:04:33.660 --> 00:04:41.700
Dan Reiland: I think I just have been here 20 years and loving every minute of it so we're excited about our next gen ministries and our residency.

00:04:42.120 --> 00:04:47.160
Dan Reiland: We have a really cool residency a two year program for students who are ministry students.

00:04:47.550 --> 00:05:02.640
Dan Reiland: And they they join us and we pour into them train them develop them as leaders and help them get placed in other churches it's really cool and we're in church planting and obviously the whole big idea, the umbrella for everything is reaching more people for Christ.

00:05:02.940 --> 00:05:10.470
Dan Reiland: Yes, so that's where we are and i'm loving it and I have to tell you, since last time we've talked I have a granddaughter.

00:05:10.650 --> 00:05:16.590
Dan Reiland: Okay yeah and my daughter is now pregnant again with twin boys so.

00:05:16.590 --> 00:05:19.020
Dan Reiland: My yeah that's a cool thing.

00:05:19.230 --> 00:05:31.140
Andy Miller III: Yes, no, no, no lot of people I didn't know, and I said this, because a lot of my audience is connected kind of like a evangelical Wesley and world that's not a part of your branding but you know 12 stone is a part of the wesleyan church.

00:05:31.320 --> 00:05:43.230
Dan Reiland: Is that rightly or 100% or less than church and that was just it's not in the name but absolutely we're Kevin and I are ordained Leslie and elders So yes.

00:05:44.220 --> 00:05:50.550
Andy Miller III: So in you've served other Western churches to Francis skyline and you were there with john maxwell's that right.

00:05:51.090 --> 00:05:57.570
Dan Reiland: that's right, I was his exact pastor there in San Diego for a long time I joined him right off after seminary.

00:05:58.710 --> 00:06:02.370
Dan Reiland: My my claim to fame is with john is that I broke the internship.

00:06:04.380 --> 00:06:14.040
Dan Reiland: is his first intern there a million years ago early 80s and he literally said at the end of completion of my one year internship there.

00:06:14.400 --> 00:06:31.710
Dan Reiland: Is that we're never doing that again or never have another internship or never you know I must have been so bad I broke the Internet now there's redemption to the story at that same conversation, he also said, but then I want you to stay on staff with me and let's do this together and.

00:06:32.070 --> 00:06:36.270
Dan Reiland: jumped in jumped on board eventually became his exact exact pastor and.

00:06:36.690 --> 00:06:49.590
Dan Reiland: we've served together we served together for 20 years and we're still very close we do a lot of projects together hang out together some vacation and stuff so he says to wonderful really, really amazing friend.

00:06:49.890 --> 00:06:59.100
Andy Miller III: yeah so when you came to Atlanta, did you come, I know, like he started enjoy, and I think I told you like, I have somebody I went through the old vhs 20.

00:06:59.580 --> 00:07:08.070
Andy Miller III: People laws of leadership, so I got it I know a bit of His story in that of like wanting to be in the Atlanta area is that how you got to Atlanta or 12 stone.

00:07:08.460 --> 00:07:19.470
Dan Reiland: yeah no actually you're right we relocated in 97 but some of the closing years of the old enjoy remember cassette tapes at all, yes, that the young listeners look that.

00:07:19.470 --> 00:07:23.160
Andy Miller III: up my dad told me about that yeah yeah exactly exactly.

00:07:25.050 --> 00:07:28.890
Dan Reiland: So yeah we we all came about 50 of US 50 families came out.

00:07:29.010 --> 00:07:43.770
Dan Reiland: Really and and to launch the different companies, you know, like he quipped and different things that were part of those early days and and for those for those years we traveled the country were in many, many churches, training, coaching writing curriculums.

00:07:44.850 --> 00:07:48.540
Dan Reiland: And that's what really burst, a lot of those kits we used to call them in the old days.

00:07:49.140 --> 00:08:02.040
Dan Reiland: I tell you where they came from released, because you know john such a great leader and motivational teacher that he would get these thousands of pastors fired up and then they would go home and sit at their desk and go, but I don't know how to do it.

00:08:02.430 --> 00:08:08.250
Dan Reiland: Interesting that's what birth all those books and tapes that he's been doing, I think he's a book 96 right now.

00:08:08.430 --> 00:08:09.210
Andy Miller III: amazing.

00:08:09.240 --> 00:08:15.150
Dan Reiland: yeah, and that includes all the little ones, and everything but that's Charlie what so you may recall his his writer.

00:08:15.570 --> 00:08:16.170
Andy Miller III: And I think a.

00:08:16.890 --> 00:08:18.600
Dan Reiland: Look at, for you know with him.

00:08:18.960 --> 00:08:19.680
Dan Reiland: wow.

00:08:19.800 --> 00:08:30.510
Andy Miller III: You guys so much that they work there, and so he's been engaged to like the 12 stone world like there's a john Maxwell Center that you guys opened up, while I was in going to.

00:08:30.570 --> 00:08:31.350
Dan Reiland: Is that is that right.

00:08:31.710 --> 00:08:49.230
Dan Reiland: yeah it is Maxwell leadership Center right that's like things like our residency or inside there and equip equip officers are there and so yeah it's a very kind of lowness his name for that leadership development part of us.

00:08:49.560 --> 00:09:02.850
Andy Miller III: Interesting so you've you've had opportunity and I like I you mentioned to me that there are opportunities probably a company, you could have served, probably as a lead pastor at a in a large church yourself but you've had this unique seat.

00:09:03.360 --> 00:09:13.260
Andy Miller III: really thinking about the time period where you've served like being at skyline which at the time was one of the larger churches in the country, and now, like the various phases of gone.

00:09:13.740 --> 00:09:23.460
Andy Miller III: You know, through the life of the church and multi site and you've been a part of a lot of this and you've sat in unique seats, what are some of the things I mean I this a huge question, I know, but what are.

00:09:23.460 --> 00:09:30.360
Andy Miller III: Some things that you that you've learned from those seats out a lot of us who haven't had that perspective might be able to learn from.

00:09:30.900 --> 00:09:32.010
Dan Reiland: You know the second chair.

00:09:32.040 --> 00:09:36.450
Andy Miller III: Is that yeah yeah that's right and even the changes that have happened in the life of large churches.

00:09:37.200 --> 00:09:40.950
Dan Reiland: Well, that is, that is being a couple of couple of directions there i'll keep.

00:09:41.010 --> 00:09:42.780
Andy Miller III: It brief jump in sorry i'm sorry.

00:09:42.960 --> 00:09:58.200
Dan Reiland: we're going into visit this is great, this is great, but but yeah obviously there have been huge changes over over decades of time, maybe just a couple quick comments there, I think I think the biggest thing is that Ministry has become far more complicated.

00:09:58.680 --> 00:10:05.700
Dan Reiland: Okay, the it's it's just more nuanced whether its cultural issues political issues we get it, we know all the things happening.

00:10:06.150 --> 00:10:22.860
Dan Reiland: But it's it's you know when I pray for and train and mentor young leaders black I pray for them a lot, because I think what they're doing is just so much more complicated and and one things we have to know we should understand about leadership is that.

00:10:23.910 --> 00:10:37.080
Dan Reiland: speed and pressure pace and pressure is everything so as an organization grows and culture around us gets more complex, but two things happen, one that, as it gets bigger it gets faster.

00:10:37.350 --> 00:10:53.130
Dan Reiland: that's just life and then and then pressure increases so speed and pressure, and you know, the thing is, we we go too fast, sometimes we need to learn how to slow down, you know, secondly there's a great temptation to.

00:10:54.240 --> 00:10:56.970
Dan Reiland: handle our pressure in unhealthy ways.

00:10:57.240 --> 00:10:57.540
Andy Miller III: yeah.

00:10:57.600 --> 00:11:08.460
Dan Reiland: And that gets leaders in trouble, and so, as the organization rises as pressure rises it's really important to learn healthy ways to deal with the pressure again that's a whole other thing.

00:11:08.670 --> 00:11:15.210
Dan Reiland: But yeah sure those those things are really important as i'm watching things change now and going into the future yeah.

00:11:15.270 --> 00:11:27.060
Andy Miller III: yeah well and that's part of what I was interested why I contacted us because I was intrigued by a blog that you put out last week and it, I think it will resonate with where people are right now.

00:11:27.690 --> 00:11:35.430
Andy Miller III: getting ready to lead like can you say it's the title is five ways to know you're ready to lead this fall.

00:11:35.760 --> 00:11:49.740
Andy Miller III: Now, honestly, when I clicked on that, like occasionally your blog does this in a great way it says, like, for instance, if you're trying to train greeters like you have a great make sure they're doing these five things that they had were Clean Clothes or I don't know.

00:11:49.800 --> 00:11:52.080
Dan Reiland: I can't remember what the points are but they're great and like it's like.

00:11:52.260 --> 00:11:54.150
Andy Miller III: I take that printed off let's do this.

00:11:55.230 --> 00:11:57.750
Andy Miller III: Well, this was a little different.

00:11:58.200 --> 00:12:09.480
Andy Miller III: Because I was almost looking for a checklist that I be able to share with people and say you know, make sure that you are calling your list, make sure you're doing this, but that that's not the perspective, you take it and that's not the perspective, you take.

00:12:09.720 --> 00:12:20.550
Andy Miller III: In leadership in general, either it's not it's not as much of a perspective of are These are the things you do rather, this is the type of person that you are so like you.

00:12:20.880 --> 00:12:26.550
Andy Miller III: To tell me about like what led you to even think about putting this article together and then we'll then we'll talk about what did you say.

00:12:26.820 --> 00:12:36.030
Dan Reiland: Okay yeah well you're right you're very perceptive and I think most leadership is it you know it's an it's an inner thing it's interior.

00:12:36.390 --> 00:12:39.120
Dan Reiland: yeah so for for what we do outside.

00:12:39.510 --> 00:12:46.350
Dan Reiland: We have to, we have to have we have to be right inside, I think all leadership development begins with self awareness.

00:12:46.770 --> 00:12:47.370
Dan Reiland: And so.

00:12:47.430 --> 00:13:04.800
Dan Reiland: It starts there at layers into into character at layers into habits and layers into practices just layers into all kinds of things and so that inner world and I don't mean to be i'm not a contemplative necessarily but that inner world is important reflection, and so I think.

00:13:06.270 --> 00:13:12.720
Dan Reiland: I think, for us to get the outside stuff right we we typically have to start with the inside know there's a there's a marriage between the two, of course.

00:13:13.020 --> 00:13:13.530
Andy Miller III: Right and i'm.

00:13:13.560 --> 00:13:15.570
Dan Reiland: not talking about a monastic movement here.

00:13:15.990 --> 00:13:16.590
Andy Miller III: yeah yeah.

00:13:16.860 --> 00:13:27.360
Dan Reiland: But, but so that's often where where I start, because I think that's where the trouble when when leaders go off the rails when leaders go off the track ish rarely about.

00:13:28.830 --> 00:13:34.890
Dan Reiland: A project they don't know how to do or program they don't know how to run usually goes off the rails inside somewhere.

00:13:35.130 --> 00:13:39.120
Dan Reiland: And so we try to we try I try to write to that space often.

00:13:39.330 --> 00:13:43.950
Dan Reiland: And like you mentioned balancing it with some good lists on do this and do that occasionally do.

00:13:44.370 --> 00:14:01.440
Andy Miller III: yeah I think that they're all helpful things to be able to include it went well imagine somebody like when they even see the tall title of this podcast and in your blog on this subject when they approach the fall there's either excitement or dread.

00:14:01.950 --> 00:14:02.940
Dan Reiland: Yes, yes.

00:14:03.240 --> 00:14:15.270
Andy Miller III: And like a part of what you're doing in 12 so you're trying to help people get ready for that inner like what is it about this um the cycle that it makes it so hard for us to approach it.

00:14:16.440 --> 00:14:17.640
Dan Reiland: You mean the fall or.

00:14:17.940 --> 00:14:20.580
Andy Miller III: Even getting back into fall season and being prepared for.

00:14:20.700 --> 00:14:25.050
Andy Miller III: Like getting our inner selves ready or even just pull ourselves up to do it.

00:14:25.410 --> 00:14:28.680
Dan Reiland: yeah just whatever it is, I think I think a lot of it is.

00:14:30.210 --> 00:14:30.600
Dan Reiland: well.

00:14:31.620 --> 00:14:40.080
Dan Reiland: In the simplest, most basis, are you prepared or not, no one enjoys coming into a season unprepared.

00:14:40.800 --> 00:14:48.900
Dan Reiland: And so, if you're if you're going through this summer and maybe there's some struggles or you're still reflecting on the past that you know that some of the things we've gone through.

00:14:49.410 --> 00:14:53.550
Dan Reiland: And you you're uncertain about you're uncertain you're coming into uncertainties.

00:14:54.210 --> 00:15:10.890
Dan Reiland: that's what throws a lot of leaders off see here's what here's what I think I think is a big difference, you know I know we've never been able to predict the future, however, there were a lot of things that were predictable and the things that were predictable aren't anymore.

00:15:11.460 --> 00:15:23.550
Dan Reiland: So that just that produces an anxiety it produces an uncertainty it produces question much it produces things inside us that make us question ourselves and actually can lower our confidence.

00:15:24.480 --> 00:15:31.140
Dan Reiland: And so, all those things that kind of rattle us on the inside, even though we smell good and say the right things on the outside.

00:15:31.560 --> 00:15:39.480
Dan Reiland: And i'm not saying anybody's pretending i'm just saying we're doing what leaders need to do sometimes you you play hurt you know you can go and.

00:15:40.410 --> 00:15:53.400
Dan Reiland: So those are the things that are on my mind, and I think they're on the minds of a lot of leaders just trying to you know and then i'll give one more thing I think there's a certain stress about is it going to work.

00:15:53.850 --> 00:15:55.200
Andy Miller III: I right.

00:15:55.440 --> 00:16:06.510
Dan Reiland: who's who's going to come will this land you how is it you know what's The next thing coming I think those are the things that make us a little anxious.

00:16:06.810 --> 00:16:11.490
Andy Miller III: Right, and this is true, no matter the size of the church you, sir.

00:16:12.570 --> 00:16:17.580
Andy Miller III: I mean this is this is going to be the case and trying to figure out where things are going.

00:16:18.690 --> 00:16:26.070
Andy Miller III: This is a key moment that people have and maybe some are there, like I know some schools have already started around the country.

00:16:26.430 --> 00:16:41.760
Andy Miller III: And that this is the kind of like time that we have to be able to get some momentum get some organization in place so it's encouraged people now, but the don't neglect the inner reality is that's my challenge, so you go through five things.

00:16:41.910 --> 00:16:43.590
Andy Miller III: That help people think about.

00:16:43.710 --> 00:17:01.350
Andy Miller III: Being inner ready, so to speak for the fall, and this will help them as a you know folks there's a work through it So the first thing you say is that they need at and have anticipation over uncertainty now you indicate that this this idea can lead to momentum how's that.

00:17:01.920 --> 00:17:02.280

00:17:03.300 --> 00:17:09.150
Dan Reiland: Well, I love this thought thanks for letting us, let us talk about it here, but we have sort of already talking about uncertainties.

00:17:09.960 --> 00:17:18.330
Dan Reiland: That we all are in I mean whether it's your 401k or whatever you know some friends or we call this gun no it's not you know all these kind of things you know.

00:17:19.470 --> 00:17:25.500
Dan Reiland: But when you deal with uncertainties it's what we all deal with uncertainties, but it's what wins in your mind.

00:17:26.160 --> 00:17:39.150
Dan Reiland: Because there's there's always that battle that leaders play and back and forth, and what wins in your mind in scripture we know to Romans 12, but is it on the does the uncertainty win, or does the anticipation when.

00:17:40.050 --> 00:17:43.350
Dan Reiland: How you get there really matters, you have to be honest with yourself but.

00:17:44.820 --> 00:18:03.240
Dan Reiland: They the action the actionable thing that to do there is or the to do question is, can you actually see the good Can you see the good in the future, can you see the vision, can you see the hope, can you see the dream, in the future and and help people get their.

00:18:03.570 --> 00:18:11.430
Dan Reiland: Project Andy in your in your role you're a positive guy or a smart guy you got a lot of energy that in your role see can you.

00:18:11.790 --> 00:18:20.850
Dan Reiland: see that that would that positive vision focused anticipation, in the near future of what you're trying to accomplish.

00:18:21.240 --> 00:18:33.450
Dan Reiland: Because when if the Leader can see it and, of course, that trickles down if you can see it that's the beginning of if you can anticipate and see it that's the beginning of momentum and they give you an example here.

00:18:34.350 --> 00:18:46.260
Dan Reiland: I mentioned earlier, I think we're we're launching a new campus in September yeah I can see it, I absolutely I can see it, I can see the people coming.

00:18:47.340 --> 00:19:00.720
Dan Reiland: it's strong it's going to be a strong launch the preparation is the preparation is there, but that the campus pastor he can see it, the people that that the those who are going to be going out with us.

00:19:01.140 --> 00:19:06.120
Dan Reiland: So see that kind of sense when I say in a real I mean a real practical way I can see it.

00:19:06.540 --> 00:19:07.140
Andy Miller III: Yes, yes.

00:19:07.320 --> 00:19:12.600
Dan Reiland: That sense of authentic anticipation leads to momentum.

00:19:13.290 --> 00:19:20.400
Dan Reiland: awesome yeah because you're praying for it you're looking for it you're anticipating it and that's It really is the launch that way yeah.

00:19:20.460 --> 00:19:32.820
Andy Miller III: Oh, I love that this thinking of leadership as anticipation like that's part of it is is creating that like something's coming in a good communicator hopefully when you're saying something you're going to.

00:19:33.690 --> 00:19:39.720
Andy Miller III: kind of piece out something that's coming later like you want people to hang in there you're not going to want to miss this.

00:19:39.780 --> 00:19:41.160
Andy Miller III: Because I got some great information.

00:19:41.430 --> 00:19:49.500
Andy Miller III: But there's you are aware of the future it's like it's a vision, but I like to I like thinking of leadership as anticipation.

00:19:49.860 --> 00:19:52.740
Andy Miller III: And a prelude, as you say, to momentum.

00:19:53.100 --> 00:19:56.160
Dan Reiland: Correct and and but there's there's a difference, though.

00:19:57.180 --> 00:20:00.360
Dan Reiland: you're a very authentic guy, but there is a difference between hype.

00:20:00.540 --> 00:20:01.050
Dan Reiland: and hope.

00:20:01.560 --> 00:20:02.490
Dan Reiland: And so.

00:20:02.610 --> 00:20:11.940
Dan Reiland: People smell it in a second if you're up there kind of hyping something the leaders who don't really believe it leaders don't really anticipate it, they have to hype it.

00:20:12.360 --> 00:20:21.180
Dan Reiland: Because they they don't know what else to do, but when you see it when you anticipate it when you census coming you can you don't you can't predict the future, but you sense it.

00:20:22.260 --> 00:20:25.470
Dan Reiland: You know, it comes out as hope not hype.

00:20:26.430 --> 00:20:26.820
Dan Reiland: there's a.

00:20:26.880 --> 00:20:30.240
Andy Miller III: big difference well I probably am guilty of hyping.

00:20:30.930 --> 00:20:40.590
Andy Miller III: Oh, I think I think it's probably I mean maybe not right now in this moment but maybe because it's like leaning into an uncertainty like i'm not like you said.

00:20:40.980 --> 00:20:49.290
Andy Miller III: Is this going to work I don't know so I sometimes I feel like i've got to hype it, you know, I have a cynical side to me, even though i'm a very.

00:20:50.130 --> 00:21:02.100
Andy Miller III: positive person like I i'll doubt rather something's going to work, I think, like asking those good questions are there, but but I like this idea of trying to have hope but they'll hope probably is connected to some reality to that.

00:21:02.160 --> 00:21:02.940
Dan Reiland: You know.

00:21:03.000 --> 00:21:03.870
Andy Miller III: This is gonna work.

00:21:04.170 --> 00:21:11.100
Dan Reiland: And it's like we're talking about you know, are you have you been preparing have you been working on the strategy and we got the people you know and.

00:21:11.550 --> 00:21:15.930
Dan Reiland: But, but what what we know, though, is it doesn't have to work.

00:21:16.890 --> 00:21:25.650
Dan Reiland: But there's a sense of belief, whether you know, obviously there's a faith in God belief in God and he's in it with us, and he fills the gap he does what we can't do.

00:21:26.370 --> 00:21:33.180
Dan Reiland: that's obviously a big part of the anticipation, but there's there's part that the leader has to own support that I have to own that.

00:21:33.600 --> 00:21:46.620
Dan Reiland: That that campus pastor of the senior pastor or the small group leader volunteer the small group leader volunteer in a home has to anticipate this is going to be good, because if she doesn't or he doesn't know what it's not going to be good.

00:21:46.650 --> 00:21:47.490
Andy Miller III: yeah sure.

00:21:48.030 --> 00:22:01.920
Andy Miller III: So if you live in the uncertainty, then that oh i'm not sure is going to be if it's going to work out well then you're you might not be actually taking the action steps that you need to be able to get to the place of anticipation.

00:22:02.400 --> 00:22:11.160
Dan Reiland: that's right that's right now let's one important thing for those listening in with us is that doesn't mean that's all going to happen without problems.

00:22:12.120 --> 00:22:16.770
Dan Reiland: When you study the New Testament church the Book of acts, the first i'm going through it again and again.

00:22:17.280 --> 00:22:24.330
Dan Reiland: First, nine chapters it's progress problem progress progress progress progress progress but that's just the way it goes so.

00:22:24.690 --> 00:22:38.820
Dan Reiland: That the anticipation is seeing it and believing it doesn't mean you're not going to have problems but that's what leaders do we make progress, we saw problems we help people we make progress, we solve problems we help people and that just never stops.

00:22:39.690 --> 00:22:56.730
Andy Miller III: wow yeah that's really helpful, you also talk news related The second point is about peace over anxiety, so this is how I would care and you talk about real clear practices that people should put in place, what are some things that people can do to increase their peace.

00:22:57.060 --> 00:22:57.450

00:22:58.680 --> 00:23:09.660
Dan Reiland: And, and you, let me say that anxiety is a really big thing today, when we have you know prayer at the older and stuff the number one thing by far that people will say, you know how can we pray for you is anxiety there's just.

00:23:09.720 --> 00:23:12.030
Dan Reiland: assets, you name it it's there's anxieties.

00:23:12.840 --> 00:23:16.560
Dan Reiland: And it's a common thing and leaders now i'm not referring in this case to that.

00:23:17.430 --> 00:23:38.280
Dan Reiland: Clinical can't function debilitating i'm just talking about my non medical just pastor here what I call low grade anxiousness Okay, and on a busy day you don't even notice it but but a low grade anxiousness is when you when you're quiet and alone with it with your thoughts.

00:23:39.570 --> 00:23:43.260
Dan Reiland: You don't sense a soul level peace.

00:23:43.590 --> 00:23:54.600
Dan Reiland: hmm and that's pervasive amongst leaders now again not this I can't function but just this kind of your guts not quite at peace and the the remedy.

00:23:55.560 --> 00:24:10.680
Dan Reiland: begins to peace, the remedy to peace begins with slowing down on a on a in a regular rhythm to sense god's presence and power and I don't know about you, but I have to admit it's it's hard for me to slow down.

00:24:11.280 --> 00:24:18.690
Dan Reiland: And remember, we were talking about before you know the pace and the presser well pace in pressure don't invite you to slow down, they don't.

00:24:19.110 --> 00:24:23.910
Dan Reiland: yeah they invite you to speed up and I think you have to go slower to go faster.

00:24:24.450 --> 00:24:32.490
Dan Reiland: And so, if you want to overcome anxiety and gain peace we've got to have those rhythms in our walk with God our prayer life or.

00:24:33.030 --> 00:24:43.740
Dan Reiland: A Sabbath are and i'm not the hardcore guy you know put your iPhone in a drawer and shut it for four day i'm not that at all, but I do think there are healthy rhythms to slow down.

00:24:44.220 --> 00:24:49.560
Andy Miller III: yeah it's interesting one thing we require students to do here, particular spiritual formation classes is.

00:24:50.310 --> 00:25:06.660
Andy Miller III: In they think it's absolutely crazy, though, we require them to have an hour long quiet time rare or in Bible study not not a devotional book, not all this extra stuff just like your Bible the journaling pray pray a resource to help you pray.

00:25:06.990 --> 00:25:17.880
Andy Miller III: And it's amazing when we start now some people like i'm not coming in wps now but i'm telling you this is the thing we hear from pastor so office they're not pursuing practices that produce peace.

00:25:18.210 --> 00:25:28.260
Andy Miller III: A lot of peace in there, I sound like a preacher so nevertheless like this is one of the challenges that can come is like people will will they'll come in kicking and screaming with that requirement for that particular class.

00:25:28.710 --> 00:25:34.380
Andy Miller III: But that is the number one thing that people talk about being a benefit, even after like their whole seminary career.

00:25:35.040 --> 00:25:47.940
Andy Miller III: is working through a time where they had to spend in an hour a day, and what that did we tell much it helped them in so many other areas as well, and everybody's busy, and they got it so often people say.

00:25:48.270 --> 00:26:04.650
Andy Miller III: Oh, how are you doing oh i'm busy i'm busy well let's just like hold back this is the world that we're in and particularly church world is we're approaching the fall, we need I love what you're saying, like in order to go faster we have to slow down might seem like a contradiction.

00:26:05.160 --> 00:26:08.820
Dan Reiland: Does but it's a and even at my age and stage.

00:26:09.930 --> 00:26:20.340
Dan Reiland: god's given me a lot of energy and a lot of opportunities and stuff and I but i'm still working on it like like i'm you know my centering my kind of course centering is every day's exercising prayer.

00:26:20.880 --> 00:26:30.720
Dan Reiland: And and but i'm always working on it, because my schedule like ours is complex and always moving as i'm always trying to put the right things at the right time and sometimes I try to put exercise out here and.

00:26:31.080 --> 00:26:37.470
Dan Reiland: Well, I need to get out and run do my run what before it gets really hot here in Atlanta, but then, but then my prayer comes after the run.

00:26:38.250 --> 00:26:38.430
Dan Reiland: and

00:26:38.850 --> 00:26:43.740
Dan Reiland: he's pushing me and pushing and pushing me and I don't think this is an illegal mystic thing i'm not scripting anybody.

00:26:43.950 --> 00:26:51.360
Dan Reiland: Right to it to a thing, but, for me, he was pushing me to say, I want you to have your prayer first.

00:26:52.200 --> 00:26:53.550
Dan Reiland: And, and so.

00:26:54.180 --> 00:27:09.360
Dan Reiland: And then, when when I do it that mean I love praying I got a cool prayer room in my basement but sometimes goddess moves us even decades in to new levels and new places and all the way to the time plate, where he actually wants it in a certain order.

00:27:10.710 --> 00:27:12.570
Dan Reiland: I wouldn't put that on anybody because I.

00:27:13.020 --> 00:27:28.020
Dan Reiland: Fair you know what i'm saying, but I think what put the plan, I am saying is always be open to the Holy spirit's prompting because it might be wanting to nudge you in a different way for a specific reason is going to be for your benefit.

00:27:28.350 --> 00:27:29.100
Andy Miller III: Right.

00:27:29.220 --> 00:27:31.110
Andy Miller III: I love it, so the.

00:27:31.140 --> 00:27:42.750
Andy Miller III: third thing he talked about is being connected over being distant, so I imagine, I mean you lead leaders and I imagine you've seen some people who become distant.

00:27:43.140 --> 00:27:45.030
Andy Miller III: And so what is the danger.

00:27:45.420 --> 00:27:46.410
Andy Miller III: of being distant.

00:27:47.730 --> 00:28:00.570
Dan Reiland: Well, and the great danger of being distant ultimately is isolation, because it's very easy for us to be around people all the time, but destiny it's very easy for us to be.

00:28:02.040 --> 00:28:19.560
Dan Reiland: busy and and and in meetings but because again pace and pressure, all that kind of stuff cultural things cancel culture, all the things that leaders face it's very easy to pull back out of a self protection mechanism it's very humans and it's not bad it's that same it's just human.

00:28:20.010 --> 00:28:33.330
Dan Reiland: yeah and so mentally and emotionally we pull back out a protective kinds of things and that actually begins to engender isolation, when we are actually meant to be in community.

00:28:33.750 --> 00:28:40.020
Dan Reiland: Right, whether they're you know your inner core or your mentors or your prayer partners or whatever your community is.

00:28:41.430 --> 00:28:46.260
Dan Reiland: But and it's not a mystery it's not a mystical thing you can you can assess.

00:28:47.580 --> 00:29:06.780
Dan Reiland: Your level of connectedness pretty easily from your experience of things like closest are you close to people is intimacy meaning, are you do, you have honest conversations, or is there, trust is there a laughter is their productivity it's not hard to know if you're connected yeah.

00:29:06.840 --> 00:29:22.680
Andy Miller III: yeah yeah it's it should be an obvious thing like what if you're in that place where you're isolating yourself and you're saying like as you approach, the fall if that's where you are it's going to lead to this inner trouble that's going to result in less effectiveness, when you say.

00:29:22.950 --> 00:29:32.520
Dan Reiland: yeah less effectiveness you feel more distant and and while you might feel safe by feeling more distant you won't be more effective and actually end up even.

00:29:32.820 --> 00:29:39.810
Dan Reiland: pulling back to more of a Defense and, of course, you can't win the battle in Defense you have to move forward with offensive actually lead.

00:29:40.680 --> 00:29:54.750
Dan Reiland: But there's a you know there's some practical ways to think about it, look at it, as you think about you know, am I close, am I connected with who's that girl my garden friends where's my accountability, whatever word, you want to use Who are they.

00:29:55.170 --> 00:29:56.700
Dan Reiland: And there's another thing you can do.

00:29:57.090 --> 00:30:06.300
Dan Reiland: If there's if there's any place you sense that's broken like a relationship that you know, are not broken, but it could use some repair.

00:30:06.870 --> 00:30:16.980
Dan Reiland: A relationship, you know, should be closed, it should be high trust it should be laughter it should be fun, it should be, you know and it's not go have that conversation.

00:30:17.430 --> 00:30:35.400
Dan Reiland: um don't go into the fall go do it this week is there a relationship somewhere, maybe on your lead team or in your small group or in your family don't don't make it over well main list of things to do what's the one relationship i'll bet if you and I are having a cup of coffee.

00:30:37.110 --> 00:30:42.360
Dan Reiland: To to those who are listening to with us today what's the one relationship that needs your attention.

00:30:42.780 --> 00:30:58.830
Dan Reiland: Sometimes one relations you go have that conversation can be a breakthrough to connectedness with many people, because that one is blocking it's blocking it's creating distance that sort of leaks into your other relationships.

00:30:59.430 --> 00:31:06.810
Andy Miller III: yeah he can leak into so many areas like when you get into that and, like what is it leaking into like you, your it gets.

00:31:07.440 --> 00:31:24.690
Andy Miller III: leaks into the service that you're trying to fight for for church leaders, you know, trying to implement fall programs small groups weeknight activities Bible studies, whatever it is well, then I My guess is that when you allow these distant relationships to not be like.

00:31:26.280 --> 00:31:35.460
Andy Miller III: Like some have some healing in them or connectedness that egg exasperate the problem, because then you have all these programs, on top of you that aren't going to be able to happen.

00:31:35.790 --> 00:31:36.870
Dan Reiland: Correct correct.

00:31:37.530 --> 00:31:50.640
Andy Miller III: into the other thing is interesting and you brought up the kind of physical fitness earlier but I, and when I saw this point, I didn't quite see this coming I was, I was interesting what you say you say you want to be focused and energized.

00:31:51.120 --> 00:32:03.330
Andy Miller III: Over being distracted and then you connect that to like being in good physical shape so i'm curious like a little bit I like I wanted to drill down a little bit more on this subject.

00:32:03.630 --> 00:32:10.710
Dan Reiland: yeah Is this a big topic now I should say up front and use that as one example, the physical realm.

00:32:10.740 --> 00:32:18.150
Dan Reiland: Okay, one example of being distracted meaning and in a couple of ways, my particular story that I had in that post we don't.

00:32:18.390 --> 00:32:21.870
Dan Reiland: yeah i'm happy to help, and that was from an injury why.

00:32:22.020 --> 00:32:30.090
Dan Reiland: couldn't run anymore right can run, which is like for me it's a major problem or pain, you know pain is always a distraction, but but.

00:32:30.690 --> 00:32:39.810
Dan Reiland: If we if we could look at the physical reality as a point that's important for all of us as something bigger than just one illustration, because for.

00:32:40.110 --> 00:32:47.130
Dan Reiland: Other people their distraction might be very different than the physical realm but just for a minute, because you brought it up and it's a good it's a good topic.

00:32:48.840 --> 00:33:06.600
Dan Reiland: Absolutely be out of out of shape or poor health or low energy absolutely affects your leadership it's kind of like kind of like you're kind of in the same way that your physical energy impacts your ability to engage with your family when you get home with from a long day at work.

00:33:06.870 --> 00:33:10.500
Dan Reiland: yeah if there's nothing left because you're just out of gas.

00:33:10.890 --> 00:33:15.210
Dan Reiland: Then you haven't saved energy for the people you love the most.

00:33:15.540 --> 00:33:30.900
Dan Reiland: Right and and I just believe this so strongly I don't want to preach it because I don't want to overdo it, but your physical condition sets the level of your vitality to engage your leadership fully and so.

00:33:32.250 --> 00:33:39.450
Dan Reiland: Sometimes, sometimes for for my buddies and people colleagues, you know when they're maybe not into the physical exercise and stuff.

00:33:39.960 --> 00:33:54.870
Dan Reiland: I just try to encourage nobody wants to lecture and nobody wants to tell him don't don't tell me how to eat don't tell me what to do, but when it comes up and someone is kind of not doing well here, I always try to encourage them and i'll say something like you know.

00:33:55.950 --> 00:34:01.740
Dan Reiland: If you'll just go for a vigorous walk three or four times a week.

00:34:02.100 --> 00:34:05.760
Dan Reiland: yeah that'll change your life if you just started there.

00:34:06.870 --> 00:34:15.150
Dan Reiland: Or you know, and I don't tell people how to eat but there's little things that we all know that if you just practiced one or two to change the diet.

00:34:15.510 --> 00:34:30.960
Dan Reiland: The reason I even bring that up is because where you started your physical vitality actually can increase your levels of productivity that joy, you have in your life so many things, and you can start simple go for a walk.

00:34:31.140 --> 00:34:40.380
Andy Miller III: yeah sure it is a part of having a focus and energy is like being able to have those plays, but the corollary to that the opposite is being distracted distracted.

00:34:41.430 --> 00:34:47.370
Andy Miller III: So what what are some of the ways that you see church leaders become distracted.

00:34:47.550 --> 00:34:52.020
Andy Miller III: But what are some of the debate that the things that you think are getting in the way when you see this happening and leaders life.

00:34:53.550 --> 00:34:54.990
Andy Miller III: What are some of those things you see.

00:34:55.350 --> 00:34:56.820
Dan Reiland: Well, I think, I think.

00:34:57.990 --> 00:35:00.330
Dan Reiland: Actually kind of leads us into the last one.

00:35:00.810 --> 00:35:02.040
Dan Reiland: yeah I think I think.

00:35:03.480 --> 00:35:09.240
Dan Reiland: If we go really big picture 30,000 feet, they almost get lost it don't know they're calling.

00:35:10.410 --> 00:35:15.180
Dan Reiland: When you don't know your calling and your values it's hard to determine your passion.

00:35:15.480 --> 00:35:20.520
Dan Reiland: When you don't know your passion is hard to learn to run in the lanes that you're gifted to run in.

00:35:21.000 --> 00:35:29.550
Dan Reiland: And so, then you're you're just you're just distracted because you know what are the priorities, how do I, how do I line things up and.

00:35:30.780 --> 00:35:36.870
Dan Reiland: And then I think kind of all the way down to the bottom of that is kind of your basic daily disciplines.

00:35:37.350 --> 00:35:49.710
Dan Reiland: I mean I I know for me boy i've got screens everywhere, my phone and my laptop and ipads and things are pinging at me all day long and that's fun because they're easy and they're easy because I have no responsibility for them.

00:35:50.130 --> 00:35:50.490
Dan Reiland: Nice.

00:35:50.880 --> 00:36:00.510
Dan Reiland: We all migrate to what's fun and easy and email, and like I don't have to do any of it but it's kind of fun and it's easy I don't have to think I can just answer these things I feel like i'm productive.

00:36:00.810 --> 00:36:01.410
Andy Miller III: Oh man.

00:36:01.650 --> 00:36:03.480
Dan Reiland: But those were just distractions.

00:36:03.600 --> 00:36:13.950
Dan Reiland: Interesting yeah those are distracted the real stuff you know at 20% to the real stuff pick it and stick it and then do your email and do the fun stuff later.

00:36:14.250 --> 00:36:20.790
Andy Miller III: yeah interest in in this case connect like you said to the last point that we want to be organized over scattered right.

00:36:20.940 --> 00:36:28.800
Andy Miller III: And again, you said, like you said, we need to you know go faster by going slower, but here, you say we need to start by stopping.

00:36:29.340 --> 00:36:29.730

00:36:31.560 --> 00:36:40.140
Dan Reiland: start by stopping means stop the crazy, you know stop stop by eliminating the things you don't have to do now i'm preaching to myself here.

00:36:41.040 --> 00:36:54.120
Dan Reiland: But but but stop by stop by start by eliminating the things you don't have to do and work on the critical thing is that that your team needs you to do.

00:36:54.570 --> 00:36:57.390
Dan Reiland: That list is not near as big as we think it is.

00:36:57.540 --> 00:37:07.200
Dan Reiland: hmm and and but then it gets here this go back to interior when we started it's learning how to say no to the right things at the right time.

00:37:08.550 --> 00:37:14.220
Dan Reiland: But a lot of us is just I still do I have trouble saying no.

00:37:14.580 --> 00:37:21.270
Dan Reiland: um and so what's really important my mentors and coaches, I say Dan, why do you have trouble saying no.

00:37:21.780 --> 00:37:26.490
Dan Reiland: And so we'll talk about that, so I would challenge you if you have trouble saying know why.

00:37:26.910 --> 00:37:43.110
Dan Reiland: What are the things that prevent you from saying no that's a really good question you are please people this that what you know, whatever it is socially acceptance, you know, but what prevents you from saying no now nearly saying no isn't the goal.

00:37:43.560 --> 00:37:53.160
Dan Reiland: Okay, because they get messages Defense merely say no that's not the goal saying no is the vehicle by which you learn to say yes to the right things.

00:37:53.250 --> 00:38:01.830
Dan Reiland: amen that's the real goal is to say yes to the right things, but you can't do everything if another a couple of US knuckleheads out here who try.

00:38:02.160 --> 00:38:10.140
Dan Reiland: And yeah you can't, and so the art of saying no is about the ability to say yes at the right times.

00:38:10.440 --> 00:38:23.820
Andy Miller III: awesome it's like trying to find those those things that are most important where our time can be given and that's like you want your family to be there, but there are certain thing I mean I feel like this lesson Dan is something i'm like.

00:38:24.450 --> 00:38:39.510
Andy Miller III: Never i'm always learning like what are those things that I don't have to do like like you said I can get in and I can email all day long and be productive I feel like i'm being productive but did I have to send all those emails.

00:38:39.780 --> 00:38:50.730
Dan Reiland: Right right and and yeah because they're kind of fun and easy you're helping somebody or answering a question and it's all good stuff, but is it what you need to do.

00:38:51.930 --> 00:39:05.820
Dan Reiland: And that's kind of learning learning to kind of zero in on that and it's a lifetime job I know there's a book, I read a couple years ago now, I don't remember it's so good, I don't know if you've read it, and do you do you love it if you haven't it's called a central ISM.

00:39:06.240 --> 00:39:06.600
Dan Reiland: Okay.

00:39:06.630 --> 00:39:07.380
Andy Miller III: No, I haven't heard of it.

00:39:07.620 --> 00:39:12.840
Dan Reiland: Oh it's so good, you got to get it essentially isn't by Greg mcewen.

00:39:13.110 --> 00:39:18.630
Dan Reiland: Okay interest kind of a white cover with a funky little squirrely thing on the front, you know scrolling.

00:39:18.990 --> 00:39:19.500
Dan Reiland: But surely.

00:39:19.800 --> 00:39:36.360
Dan Reiland: it's a great book that helps us zero in on what is it that's essential for you to do there's there's another book, I often partner to it for with it when i'm coaching leaders, as called deep work by cal Newport.

00:39:36.600 --> 00:39:38.280
Andy Miller III: Okay, this sounds familiar yeah yeah.

00:39:38.550 --> 00:39:46.260
Dan Reiland: And then that's not a snack of a book that's a weighty book, but the two of them you'd love it for sure the two of them paired together.

00:39:46.680 --> 00:39:48.390
Dan Reiland: yeah nominal phenomenal.

00:39:49.020 --> 00:39:53.130
Andy Miller III: Interesting i've generally when i've done this well.

00:39:54.330 --> 00:39:55.500
Andy Miller III: i've been thankful.

00:39:55.680 --> 00:39:56.100
Dan Reiland: For it.

00:39:56.370 --> 00:40:03.090
Andy Miller III: Like it's I can look back and I can see not just achievements but effectiveness in ministry, because I stopped.

00:40:03.930 --> 00:40:08.190
Andy Miller III: Both of the books that I published came at a time where is a busy time I was in the middle of.

00:40:08.910 --> 00:40:16.230
Andy Miller III: To capital campaigns for each book, but I was able to take some time say you know, I do have some really great staff who are handling all these details I would.

00:40:16.530 --> 00:40:27.660
Andy Miller III: it'd be easy for me to step in and manage them and make sure I know all these things are happening with contractors in these type of pieces, but I worked hard to get this staff member and they're trained they're capable they don't need me.

00:40:28.200 --> 00:40:37.560
Andy Miller III: i'm going to work on this project, and I remember the first time I really sat down to do that or It took some time away from the office, I felt so guilty, but then I realized things are going with.

00:40:38.520 --> 00:40:45.420
Andy Miller III: Like the product, the world still going on and i'm doing this thing that i'm feel a calling to do.

00:40:45.660 --> 00:40:59.310
Andy Miller III: That will increase the opportunities, like the my experience had been to be effective and to serve other people, so I just kept the keep reminding myself of that that it's okay to say no, in order to say bigger yeses.

00:40:59.610 --> 00:41:00.150
Dan Reiland: No, no.

00:41:00.570 --> 00:41:02.580
Andy Miller III: Okay, you have a new book coming out to.

00:41:02.880 --> 00:41:04.950
Dan Reiland: I do, I do came up this last spring.

00:41:05.280 --> 00:41:08.370
Andy Miller III: Okay, oh it's already come out and forgive me for not knowing about it tell me tell that's.

00:41:08.850 --> 00:41:09.150

00:41:10.680 --> 00:41:17.580
Dan Reiland: it's it's a little bit different approach, you know my last book confident leader, which i've just been pleased with and.

00:41:19.890 --> 00:41:24.780
Dan Reiland: I think very helpful to a lot of leaders, but this is my first devotional.

00:41:25.140 --> 00:41:27.630
Dan Reiland: And maybe my last day was a lot more work than I thought.

00:41:27.960 --> 00:41:39.360
Dan Reiland: Okay, but the title of this devotional is leadership alone isn't enough, and then the subtitle 40 devotions to strengthen your soul.

00:41:39.990 --> 00:41:40.350

00:41:41.550 --> 00:41:50.640
Dan Reiland: It was a delight to write a lot of work but i'm just pleased with what it's doing, because in some ways that title of the message leadership alone, I mean there's steps important.

00:41:51.090 --> 00:42:02.460
Dan Reiland: Yes, it's critical but alone is not enough in our walk with God that feeling of the Holy Spirit guides wisdom there's just there's 40 different you know devotion is in there and.

00:42:04.170 --> 00:42:08.640
Dan Reiland: it's just something that was on my heart that needed to be written what's unique about it.

00:42:09.120 --> 00:42:13.290
Dan Reiland: Is I don't think the world needs another devotion devotional it's certainly not by me.

00:42:13.620 --> 00:42:15.750
Dan Reiland: handle poser you know I know Max the Cato.

00:42:16.560 --> 00:42:27.660
Dan Reiland: But this the uniqueness is it's written two leaders it's written specifically for leaders, and so there I did kind of a hard target search, I found about three.

00:42:28.140 --> 00:42:34.320
Dan Reiland: have written to leaders, so I thought all right let's go do this so thanks for letting me tell you about it.

00:42:34.350 --> 00:42:41.550
Andy Miller III: yeah so um do you see people using that the idea is like in a team meeting or just in their own private devotional life.

00:42:42.480 --> 00:42:48.660
Dan Reiland: Both actually I actually write out that's a great question I actually brought up right after the introduction.

00:42:49.770 --> 00:42:55.650
Dan Reiland: The best methods and I said, for all of you, you know highly caffeinated leaders.

00:42:55.890 --> 00:43:00.720
Dan Reiland: Will you couldn't imagine doing less than a devotion a day, well then do it in 40 days.

00:43:01.350 --> 00:43:01.620
Dan Reiland: But it's.

00:43:01.680 --> 00:43:15.060
Dan Reiland: actually designed for like 40 weeks, where you just do one a week and I don't mean do it for seven days use other devotional things and other things you want, but maybe hit it a couple three times during the week, so you can soak on it.

00:43:16.560 --> 00:43:25.620
Dan Reiland: And then the third one, is a lot of people are doing it this way is they're taking like one leader or take two or three leaders through it and they do one a week.

00:43:26.010 --> 00:43:28.020
Dan Reiland: yeah there was one group.

00:43:28.530 --> 00:43:31.740
Dan Reiland: They meet once a month, and they do several devotions together.

00:43:32.100 --> 00:43:33.810
Dan Reiland: So all kinds of.

00:43:33.870 --> 00:43:38.760
Dan Reiland: Ways you can use it, I would say, take a look at it see what works for you.

00:43:39.150 --> 00:43:47.430
Andy Miller III: yeah I it's interesting one of the things I think is a weakness of the leadership genre, so to speak, is that it's you know.

00:43:47.910 --> 00:43:58.920
Andy Miller III: it's sometimes hard to distinguish it from general self help a corporate leadership coming up, and for good reason there's things we need to learn from the corporate world there's.

00:43:59.310 --> 00:44:10.530
Andy Miller III: Good things we can learn from self help type of things like motivational talks in general, but sometimes it's like okay I, I find it be kind of theologically light or or or.

00:44:10.920 --> 00:44:19.620
Andy Miller III: or spiritual formation light like I so i'm glad to see like something kind of entering into this conversation from that perspective.

00:44:20.010 --> 00:44:20.700
Dan Reiland: yeah that's great.

00:44:21.360 --> 00:44:25.710
Andy Miller III: So okay anything else you're working on because coming down the Pike me.

00:44:26.550 --> 00:44:38.940
Dan Reiland: Oh, I mean i'm always writing the next thing and working on the next thing, but this this book that there's a couple of new options that i'm working on for publishing not quite ready for you know launching out there.

00:44:39.240 --> 00:44:41.730
Dan Reiland: But I am he said what's new it's kind of like.

00:44:42.300 --> 00:44:46.410
Dan Reiland: Because of this succession transition or transition succession.

00:44:46.680 --> 00:44:52.590
Dan Reiland: yeah I am able to now give a little more time to my coaching and consulting.

00:44:52.920 --> 00:44:58.080
Dan Reiland: yeah so I had this young cool guy you know when it comes to tech, I have to you have young cool guys.

00:44:58.350 --> 00:45:05.280
Dan Reiland: and design websites and do all that so a new website will be coming out soon to kind of make my blog.

00:45:05.550 --> 00:45:16.050
Dan Reiland: A little more young and clean and clear and kind of you know, to serve more people and there'll be opportunities until the well a few opportunities for.

00:45:16.920 --> 00:45:27.300
Dan Reiland: Some more executive coaching and consulting so i'm looking forward to that still very, very busy here at toe stone and I love it here but that's what's coming down for me in the fall.

00:45:27.630 --> 00:45:36.930
Andy Miller III: Oh, I love it, so we have one of the things I always ask and this podcast called morea story, and what I want to do is go deeper into a particular subject.

00:45:37.140 --> 00:45:45.960
Andy Miller III: That you know somebody has written on and get beyond just a kind of one or two lines and we've done that here, but it's also a theological reason I do it because.

00:45:46.230 --> 00:45:52.890
Andy Miller III: there's more to the story than just getting your sins forgiven there's like there's a process of sanctification that we entered into.

00:45:53.130 --> 00:46:06.180
Andy Miller III: And I like to emphasize that, as a reality it's available for for Christians, nevertheless, like I also like to ask this question everybody So is there, more to the story of Dan or island and typically told Is there something you like to do or.

00:46:06.420 --> 00:46:09.600
Andy Miller III: Something that would give us a little more clues of who you are.

00:46:10.890 --> 00:46:15.090
Dan Reiland: Oh, my that's a fun better fun thing not often asked.

00:46:17.550 --> 00:46:18.690
Dan Reiland: Two things come to mind.

00:46:18.990 --> 00:46:19.500
Andy Miller III: Okay.

00:46:19.740 --> 00:46:20.730
Dan Reiland: All right, real quick.

00:46:22.080 --> 00:46:23.730
Dan Reiland: I rarely tell this I don't know that.

00:46:23.730 --> 00:46:24.090

00:46:25.980 --> 00:46:32.400
Dan Reiland: But I was in between my undergraduate work and seminary I was a private investigator.

00:46:32.760 --> 00:46:40.410
Dan Reiland: Really, yes, and so, not a long time, a year or so, but my undergrad work was criminal justice, administration.

00:46:40.770 --> 00:46:53.220
Dan Reiland: Okay, and so I did everything I studied in the field everything from police science to probation and parole pre law all kinds of stuff I was know that works, but I need a job, so I became a private investigator.

00:46:53.640 --> 00:46:59.040
Dan Reiland: Okay, which I should have known from the writing on the wall, all my.

00:46:59.850 --> 00:47:08.040
Dan Reiland: Colleagues, were security, you know part time jobs in college, they were working security jobs or whatever and i'm in the church all the time, you know young youth groups or whatever.

00:47:08.670 --> 00:47:15.270
Dan Reiland: And so, God had a call on my life to to seminary and and off, I went but So yes, that was.

00:47:16.260 --> 00:47:32.400
Dan Reiland: That was an interesting thing got real honestly i'll tell you this, I think that i'd have been a very naive young pastor had gotten up put me out there, and let me see what I saw and lived I lived and do what I did for about a year or so.

00:47:32.400 --> 00:47:34.830
Dan Reiland: between school and seminary.

00:47:35.880 --> 00:47:38.220
Dan Reiland: So there's one thing not many people know.

00:47:38.550 --> 00:47:39.990
Andy Miller III: Okay, before you go I The second thing.

00:47:40.230 --> 00:47:40.530
Andy Miller III: That is.

00:47:40.650 --> 00:47:51.750
Andy Miller III: So interesting, so it like I like how you highlight it was a good prelude to ministry, because I say I was really thankful that I had a couple people who spent some time in prison, and thanks to the Salvation Army.

00:47:52.290 --> 00:48:06.030
Andy Miller III: So serving who told me a little bit of how the world works that was I understand how that goes but it's also interesting to this before seminary kind of orient you before now tell us where you went to school, I know you went to asbury seminary first presented where'd you go to undergrad.

00:48:07.050 --> 00:48:08.490
Dan Reiland: San Diego State University.

00:48:08.580 --> 00:48:09.990
Andy Miller III: Okay interesting.

00:48:10.080 --> 00:48:13.320
Dan Reiland: yeah and then I went to asbury yeah.

00:48:13.350 --> 00:48:15.960
Dan Reiland: And then I did my demon at fuller.

00:48:16.410 --> 00:48:17.850
Andy Miller III: Okay interesting.

00:48:18.180 --> 00:48:19.860
Andy Miller III: yeah OK so number two you have.

00:48:20.790 --> 00:48:28.200
Dan Reiland: This is just fun and light, I have had a love affair, with guitars since I was 12 years old.

00:48:28.440 --> 00:48:34.410
Dan Reiland: Okay, and i'm not very good player truly but I love it I have fun with it, I have a.

00:48:34.980 --> 00:48:43.950
Dan Reiland: Pretty pretty cool guitar collection, so much so that I get so many questions about it, we finally had them all photographed and put on my blog site.

00:48:44.310 --> 00:48:58.350
Dan Reiland: And and they're all described well, not all of them are there, but they're all they're there, and on the new website that it'll be a really cool carousel that people can see most people don't care, but guitar people really care.

00:48:58.560 --> 00:49:10.050
Dan Reiland: gotcha and they camp there, because they just want to check them out so that's my fun I love it and, as sometimes Nice, with all the work we do to share a little bit of the fun.

00:49:10.290 --> 00:49:16.050
Andy Miller III: yeah sure what what's the one that people like the most maybe not your favorite but which one did people talk to you about which guitar.

00:49:17.220 --> 00:49:20.970
Dan Reiland: Oh that's hard to you know you almost have to pick acoustic or electric.

00:49:21.300 --> 00:49:21.750

00:49:22.800 --> 00:49:23.520
Dan Reiland: On the acoustic.

00:49:23.790 --> 00:49:24.540
Andy Miller III: yeah it's good to go.

00:49:25.020 --> 00:49:31.890
Dan Reiland: On the acoustic side let's do that one, I am very blessed one of my closest longtime friends is Bob Taylor.

00:49:32.400 --> 00:49:35.430
Dan Reiland: And Bob and Cindy and pain, I have traveled together and.

00:49:35.670 --> 00:49:38.070
Dan Reiland: he's obviously the owner, founder of Taylor guitars.

00:49:38.400 --> 00:49:41.100
Dan Reiland: So we built three custom tailors.

00:49:41.280 --> 00:49:42.450
Dan Reiland: Oh wow I.

00:49:42.690 --> 00:49:49.380
Dan Reiland: didn't build them he did you know so there's some three taylor's that are really pretty extraordinary one of the kinds.

00:49:50.490 --> 00:49:52.140
Dan Reiland: they're special and.

00:49:52.620 --> 00:49:56.070
Andy Miller III: How did you get to know him was he in San Diego or or Atlanta.

00:49:56.340 --> 00:49:59.940
Dan Reiland: Great question, he was on the board at skyline.

00:50:00.330 --> 00:50:10.920
Dan Reiland: Okay, and a board member there when I was xp and he's just a brilliant generous smart accomplished businessman that.

00:50:12.570 --> 00:50:20.880
Dan Reiland: wanted to put good wood guitars and young people's hands to learn how to play and now as he's in succession as well.

00:50:21.540 --> 00:50:33.270
Dan Reiland: he's doing forestry around the world he's just doing all kinds of new dressing, just so there'll be would for guitars for our next generation, so they can actually have real instruments to play yeah.

00:50:33.330 --> 00:50:36.780
Andy Miller III: Interesting see i'm so glad to ask this question I learned these types of things.

00:50:37.860 --> 00:50:39.960
Andy Miller III: that's good Dan Thank you so much for your time.

00:50:40.710 --> 00:50:51.180
Andy Miller III: appreciate the way that you blog and write and help leaders think about who they need to be and how they can lead better and also for the work that's happening at 12 seven, which is such a model.

00:50:51.360 --> 00:50:56.100
Andy Miller III: For so many of us who are serving a church, it means so much to us thanks for taking time to come to this podcast.

00:50:56.250 --> 00:50:59.730
Dan Reiland: My pleasure, thank you for inviting me, and I hope it's helpful.

00:51:00.150 --> 00:51:01.350
Andy Miller III: Yes, it is.

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