Andy Miller III


In the summer of 2021, Dr. Andy Miller III became the VP of Academic Affairs and Assistant Professor of Theology at Wesley Biblical Seminary in Ridgeland, MS. He also leads More to the Story Ministries, which “exists to create content with orthodox Wesleyan convictions to serve the world in the name of Jesus Christ.” The More to the Story Podcast comes out weekly and has more than 500,000 views and downloads. More to the Story Ministries produces video courses used in small groups, personal study, and bible studies. 

Andy holds degrees from Asbury University, Asbury Theological Seminary, and Southern Methodist University and is the author of Holistic Hospitality (2015), Stay the Course (2016), and Contender: Going Deeper in the Book of Jude (2023). He is completing a Ph.D. dissertation on William Booth’s ecclesiology at the University of Manchester (UK). Andy is an ordained elder in the Global Methodist Church.

Andy and his wife, Abby, led Salvation Army churches for 15 years. The Millers have three children: Andy IV, Titus Wesley, and Georgia. He loves to preach, play with his kids, and date his wife when he’s not rooting for the Chicago Bears.

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Dr. Andy Miller III serves as Vice President for Academic Affairs and Professor of Preaching and Theology at Wesley Biblical Seminary. He’s a preacher, podcaster, and author. Andy has degrees from Asbury University, Asbury Seminary, and Southern Methodist University. He is an ordained elder in the Global Methodist Church. He and his wife, Abby, have three kids: Andy IV, Titus, and Georgia. His podcast, More to the Story, has more than half a million downloads and views.


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