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Cover Image for Asbury Revival, What Now? w/ Greg Haseloff and Iannah Jones

Asbury Revival, What Now? w/ Greg Haseloff and Iannah Jones

July 13, 2023

It’s been five months since the Holy Spirit distinctly moved on the campus of Asbury University. The overflow of that outpouring is still being experienced around the world. Today I talk with two people who had distinct perspectives during the outpouring. Greg Haseloff serves as the Campus Chaplain at Asbury University and he shares his experience in stewarding this move of the Holy Spirit. Iannah Jones is a high school student who was led to create a piece of artwork expressing her experience at the outpouring.

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Well welcome to the more to the story. Podcast. I'm so glad that you have come along. Look. We have a great show. One of the great things that has happened in this past year

00:01:22.590 --> 00:01:52.580
Andy Miller III: was the outpouring at Asbury University, in Wilmore, Kentucky, and many of you all know I am a proud alumnus of that institution of both Asbury institutions. Actually, so. I was very excited about what was happening there now, when i'm recording this 3 months ago, and then moving forward. Now, probably when this is published about 4 months ago, and I had several podcasts of people who were live on the scene and getting it was my way of getting involved in the action as best as I could, even though I couldn't be

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Andy Miller III: there physically. So we're going to have this show. It's kind of like the what now, and what's what's happening lately with the out point as very University. So that's coming here soon with a few special guests. But first I want you to know this podcast is brought to you by Wesley Biblical Seminary, where we are developing trusted leaders for faithful churches, and we are excited that we are an approved institution by the Global Methodist Church, and we're the first institution to be, have an approved course of study.

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Andy Miller III: Lastly, I'm thankful for Wpo. Development. They also make all this stuff happen. Help me pay for some of the things to get the website up, and that kind of thing they do capital campaigns, strategic plans and mission planning studies. They've successfully helped. 250 organizations achieve their goals, and I would encourage you to take a look at them if you're in a process of like a building campaign, or even just thinking about it, and you can find a link to them in my show notes.

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Andy Miller III: All right. I am so glad to welcome in the podcast my friend, who serves as the Associate Dean of Spiritual Life and the University

00:04:41.120 --> 00:04:45.100
Andy Miller III: chaplain or university. Oh, I think I have the wrong title.

00:04:45.110 --> 00:04:47.320
Greg Haseloff: University Passer

00:04:47.450 --> 00:05:05.520
Greg Haseloff: Greg Hassle. Hop Greg. Thank you so much for coming on the podcast. It's so good to see you

00:05:05.520 --> 00:05:20.920
Greg Haseloff: getting to do ministry and and the context that we've loved. I I just love you telling the story, and continue to tell a story of what's happened through the outpouring, and it's it's fun to be here to have this conversation with you.

00:05:20.920 --> 00:05:35.050
Andy Miller III: Oh, man, Greg, we were praying for you in the midst of all that, and that I knew that once I I got word I had a I have a niece who's a freshman. I leave it, Olivia Rogowski, and we got word probably 2 or 3 h after things are going that this was happening.

00:05:35.050 --> 00:05:54.450
Andy Miller III: and I thought, oh, man, Greg's going to be in the heart of this, and I I think You probably were getting text from all over the world, but I was almost. I was almost afraid just to keep Texas, but I wanted you to know we are praying for you in the midst of all this, and we so thankful for your leadership in the middle of the out Point Greg, just we only have a few minutes here, but I love to see here, like

00:05:54.450 --> 00:06:02.070
Andy Miller III: your experience in the midst of it, but also I want to get to like to think about what's happening now, and what you think the consequences of this will be.

00:06:03.900 --> 00:06:13.400
Greg Haseloff: It's a big question. I know right you. You want me to. You. You want me to talk about my experience, or

00:06:13.400 --> 00:06:24.370
Andy Miller III: but I mean you were. You were right in the heart of everything, I mean. I saw a little picture of even the being the little closet where the operation was being organized. Give us a little a a hint of that.

00:06:24.550 --> 00:06:26.250
Greg Haseloff: Yes, for

00:06:26.640 --> 00:06:40.500
Greg Haseloff: Andy first. It's. It's really fun to know that Olivia is your niece who's jumping into being a spiritual life assistant next year. So he's right into leadership for sophomore year, and Andy, those prayers were felt.

00:06:40.500 --> 00:06:56.620
Greg Haseloff: I mean, when we talked about how much we set Jesus orchestrating everything that was unfolding during the outpouring. So much of that was the overwhelming sense that we that we heard and felt people's prayers

00:06:56.620 --> 00:07:02.290
Greg Haseloff: for what God was doing in Wilmore, and and how the Holy Spirit was, and move on our campus. So

00:07:02.380 --> 00:07:14.910
Greg Haseloff: so thanks, it felt like we were undergirded by a 1 million prayers, and that that sense was was so strong and palpable.

00:07:14.980 --> 00:07:16.110

00:07:16.240 --> 00:07:17.480
Greg Haseloff: I just

00:07:17.760 --> 00:07:35.500
Greg Haseloff: that experience of leadership, you said, and and you kind of went to the image of the storage closet. We felt, you know, 2 or 3 days those first 2 or 3 days where you're just like kinda You're it's like you're grabbing on holding on.

00:07:35.510 --> 00:07:43.250
Greg Haseloff: Say, a lord, we want to be faithful to what you're doing, and this is moving quick, and we're we're

00:07:43.260 --> 00:07:46.420
Greg Haseloff: we're following and responding, and we

00:07:46.630 --> 00:07:54.380
Greg Haseloff: we couldn't find places where there weren't people you know none of us that

00:07:54.420 --> 00:08:05.070
Greg Haseloff: we're needing to put our heads together had offices close to Hughes Auditorium, so we literally grabbed the worship professor and said, hey, You've got that

00:08:05.070 --> 00:08:16.400
Greg Haseloff: storage closet next to your office. Can we just come? Hang out in there? So 7 or 8 of us were, you know, 5 and chairs, sitting on top of desk or turning over a bucket

00:08:16.460 --> 00:08:20.090
Greg Haseloff: and sitting down. And we, you know someone would. Would.

00:08:20.220 --> 00:08:34.179
Greg Haseloff: We would walk in with a flip chart or a white board, and we were kind of trying to edge out. Okay, this is what's happening. This this seems to be a good order of worship for the next couple of hours.

00:08:34.179 --> 00:08:48.360
Greg Haseloff: Let's let's LED that out. Okay, You're You're gonna do the call to worship. And then the 2 of you are gonna orchestrate testimonies. And then, okay, you're gonna You're gonna share a teaching

00:08:48.360 --> 00:09:00.250
Greg Haseloff: And and so we would just fly through and and land in those little hidden spaces. The first 3 or 4 days it felt like

00:09:00.820 --> 00:09:03.990
Greg Haseloff: we were just desperate for any space we could find.

00:09:04.150 --> 00:09:08.270
Greg Haseloff: and we kind of entered into a rhythm of

00:09:08.340 --> 00:09:10.780
Greg Haseloff: every morning and a and

00:09:10.800 --> 00:09:16.600
Greg Haseloff: lunch at noon, and and bitter at 5. Those were our hour or 2 together as leaders.

00:09:16.810 --> 00:09:26.630
Greg Haseloff: when music was kind of leading the rest of the time, but we were at least begging for those to to say, okay, this is this is how we set

00:09:26.640 --> 00:09:33.180
Greg Haseloff: the Lord kind of ordering the next 3 or 4 h in front of us. and it was.

00:09:33.600 --> 00:09:36.540
Greg Haseloff: you know it. It was a group of

00:09:37.100 --> 00:09:42.610
Greg Haseloff: a people that yes. you know, 2 or 3 of us would work together in one circle

00:09:43.020 --> 00:09:51.560
Greg Haseloff: into, you know. 2 or 3 members of the President's Cabinet would be used to working to with each other on the President's cabinet.

00:09:51.910 --> 00:10:05.410
Greg Haseloff: but none of us had worked together in that way until again we're. All of a sudden we're forged by fire, and into that those kind of leadership circles.

00:10:05.530 --> 00:10:16.830
Andy Miller III: Yeah, that is so interesting. The number it's Help me on the how long did it keep going? How many people came through? What are some of those kind of stats from

00:10:17.010 --> 00:10:24.570
Greg Haseloff: the outpouring? So we essentially have said somewhere but 3 between 350 and

00:10:24.740 --> 00:10:31.420
Greg Haseloff: 370 h; that it started at 10 am. On February the eighth.

00:10:31.540 --> 00:10:47.700
Greg Haseloff: and 16 days later. At midnight on February the 20 third was when we finished, and kind of when the the last person left Hughes auditorium after the collegiate day of prayer.

00:10:47.890 --> 00:10:49.940
Greg Haseloff: Okay, okay.

00:10:50.470 --> 00:10:56.660
Greg Haseloff: there, there. There's been a pretty broad estimate on number.

00:10:57.200 --> 00:11:09.140
Greg Haseloff: I think conservative estimates have said that 50 to 70,000 people came through. Wow! But other estimates have

00:11:09.160 --> 00:11:16.310
Greg Haseloff: frequently used as many as 100,000 people were here during that time.

00:11:16.440 --> 00:11:24.760
Andy Miller III: Did it feel like 300,000? You know that's a great question, Andy. The only reason it didn't is because

00:11:28.730 --> 00:11:29.580
Greg Haseloff: what

00:11:29.680 --> 00:11:41.100
Greg Haseloff: a lot of those people were outside of the lines that we were so just immersed in huge auditorium. But the more you got outside, and the more you saw other contacts.

00:11:41.370 --> 00:11:44.610
Greg Haseloff: Then it felt like that larger number.

00:11:45.170 --> 00:11:52.440
Andy Miller III: Do you need to stop to get it a drink? It? Will i'm gonna try and mark this moment where I am. I think it's about

00:11:54.260 --> 00:11:55.720
Andy Miller III: 15 min in

00:12:00.460 --> 00:12:04.580
Andy Miller III: It's actually good for us to be silent, because then it's easier to see, so I can go and cut it out.

00:12:06.830 --> 00:12:14.270
Greg Haseloff: and I set here and muted it on my end. Andy hoping that that would help a little. Oh, you were good. You did a good job doing that. So I just wanted to give you a chance. Then

00:12:20.280 --> 00:12:22.750
Greg Haseloff: I think i'm better. I stuck to cough drop in.

00:12:22.800 --> 00:12:23.520
Andy Miller III: Okay.

00:12:23.700 --> 00:12:26.930
Greg Haseloff: So just whatever you decide to kick us back in

00:12:27.110 --> 00:12:31.600
Andy Miller III: All right, Jeff, is this guy editing here? We go and let me think. I'm gonna

00:12:32.040 --> 00:12:33.480
Greg Haseloff: i'm gonna follow. Okay.

00:12:34.050 --> 00:12:35.320
Andy Miller III: So it's in 3

00:12:35.350 --> 00:12:49.350
Andy Miller III: to one. So it it felt like there was all those that many people there. Only when you went out. You were pretty focused on what you had in front of you in Hughes, or in the various other buildings where things are happening.

00:12:50.090 --> 00:12:52.180
Greg Haseloff: When I think about those numbers.

00:12:53.660 --> 00:13:00.570
Greg Haseloff: It was hard for people to leave Hughes. We knew that 1,500 people would fit in choose.

00:13:01.780 --> 00:13:14.020
Greg Haseloff: and we knew that there would be turnover a couple of times a day. but we almost. We had to ask people to be very considerate that that the lines were outside, and and people wanted to come inside.

00:13:14.360 --> 00:13:15.850
Greg Haseloff: so we know that

00:13:16.050 --> 00:13:25.660
Greg Haseloff: even if you's turned over twice in a day. then, you know, at least 4,500 to 5,000 people were just in queues

00:13:25.810 --> 00:13:37.550
Greg Haseloff: and out on the lawn. We knew that we had 2 or 3 other 1,000 that were in line. and as the seminary, but again to create 3 to 4 more venues.

00:13:37.580 --> 00:13:41.700
Greg Haseloff: showing up Esther's Chapel. Mckenna Chapel

00:13:43.230 --> 00:13:50.000
Greg Haseloff: on the largest day. They were also filling up the Gym. And the cafeteria.

00:13:50.070 --> 00:13:55.810
Andy Miller III: so that they were actually hosting more people in venues than Hughes auditorium was

00:13:57.050 --> 00:14:00.190
Greg Haseloff: so interesting to think about that, like with what was happening.

00:14:00.190 --> 00:14:19.200
Andy Miller III: one of the things that there there was. I I hope you didn't see it, and I heard that some people missed some of the criticism while was going on like. So my my family that was there. They're like what there's i'm, i'm just focused on on meeting with Jesus and serving people and brain for people. So i'm so glad that that that wasn't something probably

00:14:19.200 --> 00:14:34.830
Andy Miller III: burdening people is a way that some people were being critical. But I one of the beautiful things I've heard since from multiple people who are participating was the conversions with people who somebody told me that

00:14:34.830 --> 00:14:43.310
Andy Miller III: you yeah, what you saw on video, the worship. The this kind of the ambience, definite presence of the spirit was there, but

00:14:43.400 --> 00:14:49.530
Andy Miller III: where the real work and the real, the the beautiful thing, most beautiful things that were happening were happening at the altar.

00:14:49.650 --> 00:14:57.410
Andy Miller III: and that people were just flocking because they knew they needed something, and they were needing to become Christians

00:14:58.720 --> 00:15:07.150
Greg Haseloff: Andy, that is, that is so true, and i'll kinda a little bit of the movement of which you describe that people

00:15:08.810 --> 00:15:26.380
Greg Haseloff: Ministry was beginning in the line. It was beginning out in those spaces as people were waiting to come into Hughes, we would say that it felt like every square inch of Wilmore was holy ground if you, if you walked out a huge auditorium.

00:15:26.560 --> 00:15:32.020
Greg Haseloff: and whether you walk down the line or walked across the street to Esther's chapel.

00:15:32.420 --> 00:15:38.230
Greg Haseloff: it just all felt like worship space, and it was every square inch was holding you out.

00:15:38.420 --> 00:15:49.100
Greg Haseloff: and people would start establishing these friendships, or would be worship songs that if the line was so far away that they couldn't even watch the screens.

00:15:49.140 --> 00:15:53.720
Greg Haseloff: There would be, you know, worship songs going on a a block down.

00:15:53.830 --> 00:16:12.530
Greg Haseloff: and people would start establishing these friendships and people. Would you would meet them later and listen to these 3 or 4 people talking? You would think, Wow! These guys have been friends for 5 years, and just came to Will more together, and then they would tell you. Oh, we just met each other in line, and we just spent the last 5 or 6 h in line.

00:16:12.680 --> 00:16:16.200
Greg Haseloff: And so then getting to the

00:16:16.310 --> 00:16:22.260
Greg Haseloff: you know the description of what was happening at the altar, Andy, and to the

00:16:22.510 --> 00:16:30.800
Greg Haseloff: really the holy holy encounters that people were having with Jesus being a tabernacle in Hughes

00:16:30.930 --> 00:16:35.510
Greg Haseloff: people would come after those 5 or 6 h of being in line.

00:16:35.730 --> 00:16:43.750
Greg Haseloff: and and the people that were ushers there at the doors. Once people made it up the steps and then

00:16:43.810 --> 00:16:51.970
Greg Haseloff: stepped inside the 4 year, and an usher would say, we've got open seats, and we'll we'll lead you to these open seats. We have

00:16:52.280 --> 00:17:05.960
Greg Haseloff: many, many times, people would say, instead of going to our seats, can we go straight to the altar? And so there was just such such, this hunger for

00:17:06.380 --> 00:17:17.910
Greg Haseloff: for kneeling, for going straight to that, to that place where people were kneeling before the Lord, and that

00:17:18.920 --> 00:17:24.240
Greg Haseloff: wherever and however God was meeting people, if it was

00:17:25.400 --> 00:17:36.510
Greg Haseloff: someone you know, given their life to Jesus for the first time, or someone coming in repentance of saying, You know, with Gen. Z.

00:17:36.700 --> 00:17:45.670
Greg Haseloff: There was so much deliverance from anxiety and depression. There was so much freedom from pornography and other addictions.

00:17:45.790 --> 00:17:50.470
Greg Haseloff: But that place of the altar was just this place of like

00:17:50.950 --> 00:17:58.130
Greg Haseloff: Jesus, the peace of Christ, and the love of God is so palpable in hues that i'm

00:17:58.290 --> 00:18:04.650
Greg Haseloff: that i'm going straight to the altar, because I want nothing between me and him, and so that

00:18:04.780 --> 00:18:05.580
Greg Haseloff: that

00:18:05.780 --> 00:18:14.570
Greg Haseloff: that that kind of repentance and that kind of turning toward him, and longing for purity of heart and holiness of life

00:18:14.590 --> 00:18:22.060
Greg Haseloff: was just happening over and over and over with every encounter at the altar.

00:18:22.130 --> 00:18:36.210
Andy Miller III: You you brought the anxiety piece. Now I I think I heard this from Mike Powers. I'm not sure who told me. But there is that. Is there some trouble now on that? This is a good good problem that the counseling center

00:18:36.590 --> 00:18:44.650
Andy Miller III: Supposedly, this is what I had heard is having trouble having interns complete in their hours, because there's not as much need.

00:18:44.790 --> 00:18:53.220
Greg Haseloff: It is, it is true, Andy, that's that is legitimate. And what

00:18:53.950 --> 00:18:59.690
Greg Haseloff: what we know on campus in student life and the counseling center really knows

00:18:59.830 --> 00:19:06.920
Greg Haseloff: is that every February is, it's like the the darker months, and it's just the

00:19:07.270 --> 00:19:16.560
Greg Haseloff: it feels like those presenting issues are very prevalent, and they're kind of they're maximized at that time of winter.

00:19:16.970 --> 00:19:24.450
Greg Haseloff: you know, seasonal, effective disorder, and just a little bit more darkness. So

00:19:24.850 --> 00:19:29.420
Greg Haseloff: there was there. There was a enough of a significant change

00:19:29.580 --> 00:19:44.830
Greg Haseloff: in a drop in clientele that those those students who were doing internships. There were twiddling their thumbs a little bit, and and didn't meet all the hours that they needed to fulfill their requirements.

00:19:45.160 --> 00:20:02.700
Andy Miller III: Wow! I love it. I love it. Okay, I I want to make a pivot to be able to talk about what's happening now like you just got back from a trip. There's some. There's still activity happening overflowing from the outpouring that I guess outpouring is an overflow in itself. But but i'd love to hear about what's happening

00:20:02.700 --> 00:20:06.600
Andy Miller III: now, and it may be all. Yeah, let's just start there. What's it? What's going on now?

00:20:06.660 --> 00:20:16.170
Greg Haseloff: Great Andy, Some of what you were you and I were talking about a little bit is just the significance

00:20:16.230 --> 00:20:18.010
Greg Haseloff: and the way

00:20:20.310 --> 00:20:27.110
Greg Haseloff: ways in which God moved it's impact in so many streams of the body of Christ, and

00:20:27.210 --> 00:20:36.750
Greg Haseloff: people asking for our students to come and share and come, give testimony to how they encountered the Lord and

00:20:36.790 --> 00:20:41.050
Greg Haseloff: all the all the ways in which the spirit was at work.

00:20:41.360 --> 00:20:42.740
Greg Haseloff: So we've had.

00:20:42.920 --> 00:20:56.630
Greg Haseloff: We've had 75 to 80 requests come to us for our students to to come, give testimony. I was shared with you that we just had 4 students that actually travel to London.

00:20:56.770 --> 00:21:09.960
Greg Haseloff: and there was a leadership conference for Alpha International, and so they had a gathering of of 6,000 for their annual leadership conference, and

00:21:10.620 --> 00:21:14.470
Greg Haseloff: our students were able to share and and give testimony

00:21:14.490 --> 00:21:29.500
Greg Haseloff: about how each of their lives were impacted and sharing about what God is doing in in generation Z. Through through the outpouring and in so many other places, so

00:21:30.380 --> 00:21:39.040
Greg Haseloff: that they they had an amazing time in London we were able to experience we're got

00:21:40.050 --> 00:21:52.100
Greg Haseloff: was doing similar stirring and generation Z. There, and and bringing awakening. They. They were at at St. Church

00:21:52.190 --> 00:21:58.140
Greg Haseloff: and in Hackney, one of the the boroughs of London. and the week

00:21:58.940 --> 00:22:16.340
Greg Haseloff: prior to us being there, they had actually seen 70 people come to Faith, and so they had an extended time of of worship 2 nights before we were there, where a a Friday evening worship went all that long.

00:22:16.340 --> 00:22:24.750
Greg Haseloff: just with a hunger, and people that are 20, something very thirsty. And

00:22:26.060 --> 00:22:41.520
Greg Haseloff: so the the the encounters and and the stirring of the spirit is very visible there. So our our students I've been sharing just in in a while a a wide array of places, Andy. They have been

00:22:41.570 --> 00:22:43.240
Greg Haseloff: in churches

00:22:43.730 --> 00:22:48.580
Greg Haseloff: from Louisiana to New York City, Pennsylvania.

00:22:48.670 --> 00:22:57.260
Greg Haseloff: Michigan, Virginia, all over Kentucky. We've had students that shared about the outpouring

00:22:57.350 --> 00:23:10.920
Greg Haseloff: at the gathering the annual gathering for Christian Medical and Dental Association. We've had students that we're sharing at the Caps Conference, which is Christians

00:23:11.810 --> 00:23:14.420
Greg Haseloff: or in psychological studies.

00:23:14.550 --> 00:23:20.800
Greg Haseloff: and so from from churches to the multiple other venues

00:23:21.100 --> 00:23:31.730
Greg Haseloff: where people have just been hungry to here this move of God and Gen. Z. And so we've got students that are traveling to

00:23:31.990 --> 00:23:42.800
Greg Haseloff: been made to share at a music festival and other other staff that are going to be a part of a pastor's gathering in Canada.

00:23:42.900 --> 00:23:50.440
Greg Haseloff: so these that there's just a a snippet of some of the stories, and where such hunger to to

00:23:50.490 --> 00:23:53.560
Greg Haseloff: to hear how God has been at work.

00:23:53.650 --> 00:23:54.780
Andy Miller III: Oh, I love it

00:23:54.890 --> 00:24:02.740
Andy Miller III: So where we go from now, from here, Greg. Like it way, I say, we i'm not there. With you. It's different. But but we.

00:24:03.280 --> 00:24:09.820
Andy Miller III: I say, we the Christian community in the United States is aware of what happened, and as berry

00:24:09.820 --> 00:24:39.820
Andy Miller III: it, particularly those who are connected to institution like us, like I, I'm. Put myself in with the we. But there's there's 2, we there's a we of what what do you do as a campus campus pastor, and then there's also the we of the Christian community as a result of what we know God is doing there, and what he wants to continue to do. Could you help me think through that. Maybe you want to address the what you what as as very community people who are there right now need to do, but also. Maybe the second part of the question is

00:24:40.010 --> 00:24:41.810
the broader Christian community.

00:24:42.040 --> 00:24:45.760
Greg Haseloff: Yes, Andy, on on

00:24:46.090 --> 00:24:48.190
Greg Haseloff: campus, you know, I think.

00:24:48.640 --> 00:24:51.060
Greg Haseloff: very

00:24:51.070 --> 00:24:58.720
Greg Haseloff: important places that we stand going into a school year next year. Coming out of

00:24:58.880 --> 00:25:11.160
Greg Haseloff: this outpouring is. you know, the critical question that gets asked. These are kind of validated as legitimate moves of God as we.

00:25:11.230 --> 00:25:14.880
Greg Haseloff: as we see deeper fruit come forth. And so

00:25:15.390 --> 00:25:18.660
Greg Haseloff: discipleship movements come out of

00:25:18.750 --> 00:25:22.750
Greg Haseloff: genuine moves of God, and there is

00:25:23.920 --> 00:25:28.920
Greg Haseloff: stronger foundations developed, and

00:25:29.280 --> 00:25:44.160
Greg Haseloff: what has been stirred up is is matured and developed roots. And so that's very much in front of us as as we come into the next few semesters Following this outpouring is

00:25:44.200 --> 00:25:58.340
Greg Haseloff: the the deepening roots of what has happened in our students, what they've experienced, especially ones that have made first time faith commitments; others that it kind of come from

00:25:58.770 --> 00:26:05.160
Greg Haseloff: nominal places into having their faith revitalized, and and and these

00:26:05.210 --> 00:26:17.740
Greg Haseloff: just new passion for for walking with Jesus, and and and growing, and holiness. So the the those are things immediately in front of us. We know that

00:26:17.760 --> 00:26:24.640
Greg Haseloff: our students are having. They're bringing this passion in ways

00:26:25.110 --> 00:26:36.740
Greg Haseloff: that they would like to express outwardly. And so, whether that's missions, or you know, these opportunities to to share testimony.

00:26:36.750 --> 00:26:43.030
Greg Haseloff: And we're experiencing over and over that that students that were

00:26:43.160 --> 00:26:57.580
Greg Haseloff: either shy or reticent to share their faith have suddenly become bold. They suddenly found a a voice that they didn't know that they had. And and it is just

00:26:57.960 --> 00:27:02.450
Greg Haseloff: we experience this through an out point, or you know, there was kind of a

00:27:03.580 --> 00:27:16.170
Greg Haseloff: faith begets more faith, so as faith escalated during the outpouring our students are experience in that is, they give testimonies that that they

00:27:16.410 --> 00:27:18.510
Greg Haseloff: are growing more confident

00:27:18.540 --> 00:27:26.960
Greg Haseloff: in their own relationship with Jesus. They're growing more confident about where he's calling them and what he's doing in their life.

00:27:27.190 --> 00:27:30.240
Greg Haseloff: So discipleship

00:27:30.340 --> 00:27:33.890
Greg Haseloff: very key for us, and

00:27:34.100 --> 00:27:50.050
Greg Haseloff: service and and testimony of mission is very much in front of us as well as our students. Just look for outlets, and this is what God is stirred in me, and this is where I wanna where i'm ready to share it

00:27:50.050 --> 00:27:56.270
Greg Haseloff: and and and see it's be salt and light and and and see it's impact upon the world.

00:27:56.310 --> 00:27:59.630
Andy Miller III: What was chapel like? 2 weeks after

00:27:59.670 --> 00:28:00.720
Andy Miller III: outpouring

00:28:00.800 --> 00:28:01.880
Greg Haseloff: There was.

00:28:03.060 --> 00:28:07.970
Greg Haseloff: I could kind of say, a there's a there's a both. And so

00:28:08.340 --> 00:28:18.970
Greg Haseloff: there were parts of campus in in which we knew needed to normalize a little bit. So you know, there were students.

00:28:20.120 --> 00:28:23.810
Greg Haseloff: There were students that were ecstatic and tired.

00:28:23.950 --> 00:28:29.090
Greg Haseloff: You know. There were students that do that. They had school responsibilities.

00:28:29.330 --> 00:28:36.590
Greg Haseloff: you know. There were. There were, you know, still a threat of students who were just like, oh, My goodness, we're!

00:28:36.890 --> 00:28:42.420
Greg Haseloff: Where did all these people come from? And I kind of just need some life to return to.

00:28:42.960 --> 00:28:49.270
Greg Haseloff: So chapel. you know, in some ways took on like, okay, we're back to

00:28:49.360 --> 00:28:57.690
Greg Haseloff: a normal routine that has a little bit of You're grateful for it. You know that it's like, okay, this is

00:28:57.720 --> 00:28:59.880
Greg Haseloff: This is what i'm familiar with.

00:29:00.650 --> 00:29:10.110
Greg Haseloff: But there was I I I walked through the Student Center a month after outpouring was over. It was just having a conversation with 3 juniors

00:29:10.300 --> 00:29:12.550
Greg Haseloff: sitting in the coffee shop, and

00:29:12.920 --> 00:29:17.140
Greg Haseloff: and one of them just kind of chopped it and said, hey, Greg, I want you to know

00:29:17.390 --> 00:29:19.010
Greg Haseloff: the chapel's different.

00:29:19.220 --> 00:29:20.030
Greg Haseloff: Yeah.

00:29:20.320 --> 00:29:21.850
Greg Haseloff: you can just

00:29:22.080 --> 00:29:31.170
Greg Haseloff: sets a a a different measure of freedom. It sets students leading in

00:29:31.220 --> 00:29:35.310
Greg Haseloff: with their eyes wide open and

00:29:35.580 --> 00:29:39.900
Greg Haseloff: it and and you know it's not in this sense of

00:29:40.190 --> 00:29:42.690
Greg Haseloff: oh, is outpouring going to happen again.

00:29:42.780 --> 00:29:45.650
Greg Haseloff: but just with a sense of of of

00:29:45.670 --> 00:29:51.630
Greg Haseloff: a paying attention, and not taking for granted. being in chapel, but really

00:29:51.840 --> 00:29:54.880
Greg Haseloff: dialing in

00:29:54.900 --> 00:29:58.260
Greg Haseloff: to what Jesus, how Jesus, what to meet them

00:29:58.340 --> 00:30:01.040
Greg Haseloff: and chapel worship every week.

00:30:01.650 --> 00:30:13.890
Andy Miller III: So one thing I've heard you say I've just observed it in the way that you're talking. It's helpful to me is that when you speak of the revival, the outpouring you actually don't use a definite article. You end up saying.

00:30:14.130 --> 00:30:19.900
Andy Miller III: outpouring with outpouring. And I actually tried to copy you a minute ago, and it

00:30:19.960 --> 00:30:38.850
Andy Miller III: with outpouring or people reflecting on outpouring, and the and that I may even be more dramatic. But I I like that because it's not just something that is accomplished and completed right. This is there. There are outpourings, and I don't know. Is that intentional on your part?

00:30:38.850 --> 00:30:51.030
Greg Haseloff: Oh, I think it is, Andy, and and you're definitely reflecting on it in ways that I have. Sometimes. if I say the outpouring, I start.

00:30:51.330 --> 00:30:52.720
Greg Haseloff: I feel like.

00:30:54.290 --> 00:30:56.950
Greg Haseloff: you know. boxing.

00:30:56.970 --> 00:31:08.030
Greg Haseloff: what the Lord's done into an event and into a a moment, and that's just not at all what we experienced, I mean. We experienced an outpouring

00:31:08.150 --> 00:31:12.100
Greg Haseloff: of the presence of God, the love of God, His grace.

00:31:12.170 --> 00:31:15.810
Greg Haseloff: His His healing mercy. And

00:31:15.830 --> 00:31:25.520
Greg Haseloff: it is it is a life that we're really invited into over and over again. And so I think we definitely.

00:31:25.790 --> 00:31:30.920
Greg Haseloff: you know, been searching for for language that reflects both

00:31:32.010 --> 00:31:39.290
Greg Haseloff: what God did as well as what God continues to desire to do.

00:31:39.580 --> 00:31:50.820
Andy Miller III: Well, let me. I know this question is kind of a tough one, but in the sense of like well, I don't really it doesn't matter. I just where God has me now. But what? What's the kind of message for us going forward for the

00:31:50.850 --> 00:31:58.710
Andy Miller III: Christian world as a result of what was I mean? This and some of us other alumni might feel the same way. It's like I used to go around and

00:31:58.750 --> 00:32:18.690
Andy Miller III: say where I went to school and I to go to. I went to Asbury University, Raspberry, Ashbury. Wait. I don't know what you're talking about. But now i'm kind of like, hey I'm i'm the popular guy in in church Sunday School class all of a sudden, like people are. People know know about Asbury, and they've heard of it so. But

00:32:18.780 --> 00:32:25.990
Andy Miller III: the world is aware to a certain degree, of what happened. Where do we go? As a as a Christian community?

00:32:26.020 --> 00:32:27.240
Greg Haseloff: Yes.

00:32:27.410 --> 00:32:33.240
Greg Haseloff: Andy, one of the most significant things I think of 2 things I.

00:32:33.370 --> 00:32:43.620
Greg Haseloff: The most significant is what's happened in generation. Z. Right this generation that I think

00:32:44.060 --> 00:33:00.410
Greg Haseloff: we were actually starting to call it an unreach people group, because there was, you know, the number of Jesus followers in Gen. Z. Such a decline over generations older than them.

00:33:00.580 --> 00:33:10.200
Greg Haseloff: and and just, you know, a continuing reflection in our own country of kind of post Christian kinds of realities. And so

00:33:10.540 --> 00:33:17.080
Greg Haseloff: okay. this this message to the church. you know. It's

00:33:17.350 --> 00:33:28.710
Greg Haseloff: I i'm old enough that I can that I can say, you know I'm. I'm a part of a generation that knows where the church can get cynical, or where the Church can just forsake

00:33:29.400 --> 00:33:34.790
Greg Haseloff: the younger, I I. And and this awakening

00:33:35.020 --> 00:33:38.640
Greg Haseloff: and Gen. Z. Has has just

00:33:38.740 --> 00:33:49.480
Greg Haseloff: given the Church such a ripe opportunity to lay in. So what God is doing in the generation, and let

00:33:49.740 --> 00:33:52.360
Greg Haseloff: what's happening in the generation

00:33:52.420 --> 00:34:02.590
Greg Haseloff: not be the future of the Church, but be the President of the Church what God is doing right now in this moment to reach.

00:34:02.690 --> 00:34:06.900
Greg Haseloff: and how he's moving in a generation

00:34:07.190 --> 00:34:09.659
Greg Haseloff: to to draw so many to Jesus

00:34:09.750 --> 00:34:27.010
Greg Haseloff: that that could only happen with a move of God as pastors, as clergy, as leaders of Christians, organizations and ministries. We we know the difference between seasons when we're just kind of putting our hand to the plow

00:34:27.040 --> 00:34:42.880
Greg Haseloff: and being faithful, and the work is hard, and it feels like the fruit is slow, and then the moments that we've experienced in recent months. When God moves, it does something that accelerates time

00:34:42.940 --> 00:34:46.810
Greg Haseloff: and multiplies the fruit. There

00:34:47.010 --> 00:34:50.790
Greg Haseloff: we've got us there. There's much to be seized in.

00:34:50.840 --> 00:34:55.260
Greg Haseloff: and what God is doing in generation. See? I think

00:34:55.580 --> 00:34:58.520
Greg Haseloff: we actually had some people that we were working with

00:34:58.560 --> 00:35:00.490
Greg Haseloff: that, that.

00:35:00.590 --> 00:35:05.980
Greg Haseloff: you know. Ask Asbury to host Collegiate day of prayer on February 20 third.

00:35:06.220 --> 00:35:20.140
Greg Haseloff: They asked us a year ago if they could be here on February 20, third for that collegiate day of prayer of that. And then we so much saw, you know God orchestrating that moment.

00:35:20.150 --> 00:35:22.520
Greg Haseloff: Well, as we were planning.

00:35:22.870 --> 00:35:34.940
Greg Haseloff: one of the leaders said, oh, and do you know that on February 20 fourth is the release of the Jesus Revolution? So have you seen the movie?

00:35:36.000 --> 00:35:40.780
Greg Haseloff: I think just that reality, and

00:35:40.790 --> 00:35:53.990
Greg Haseloff: of what happened in a generation, you know, in in the early 19 seventies that brought such incredible awakening and renewal in the Church as

00:35:54.490 --> 00:36:06.900
Greg Haseloff: as the church realized where old wineskins needed to fade and and and new wineskins needed to be set up. So we we.

00:36:07.020 --> 00:36:19.820
Greg Haseloff: our experience and those kind of moments for church leaders to say, what does this mean? What do we have to get? What has to be removed? How do we have to get out of the way

00:36:20.860 --> 00:36:31.010
Greg Haseloff: in order for the name of some faceless generation to uninhibitedly come to Jesus. Yeah.

00:36:31.450 --> 00:36:39.860
Andy Miller III: Oh, you know that that was a real sense for me of of in. When I've heard the story of conversions or reaffirmations

00:36:39.860 --> 00:36:59.720
Andy Miller III: of people's faith that that there's this sense that man, this is what this spark is what's needed to cause. Now you and I both have been environments, and you've been working in student ministries with 1,500 students for couple of decades now, and so there's a beautiful opportunity you've had to seeing people come into a relationship with Jesus Christ.

00:36:59.810 --> 00:37:09.630
Andy Miller III: and and we want these moments. But to see it happen on such a a mass scale of just the people flocking

00:37:09.930 --> 00:37:24.960
Andy Miller III: to will more or hopefully in other places that happen as well to see that happen. It's like, yeah, you're right. This we need. We need this to be a move of God, and we're thankful whatever we can do to to pray like. I I imagine you still have a

00:37:24.960 --> 00:37:36.310
Andy Miller III: the revival week. It's just but interesting spiritual emphasis, weeks at as very inverse like. We're thankful we want to have those and God uses them. But, man, these special moments

00:37:36.420 --> 00:37:37.770
Andy Miller III: we need those 2.

00:37:37.890 --> 00:37:40.200
Greg Haseloff: That's right, Andy and

00:37:40.550 --> 00:37:51.560
Greg Haseloff: and you're getting to my second point, because that first the first point you know so much on. Yeah, where does the church need to fast forward?

00:37:51.660 --> 00:37:54.020
Greg Haseloff: You know it's it's

00:37:54.100 --> 00:37:59.390
Greg Haseloff: creating the space for Gen. Z. And Seca just

00:37:59.590 --> 00:38:08.730
Greg Haseloff: the hunger across the generations that that in this moment it it is as if

00:38:09.950 --> 00:38:22.060
Greg Haseloff: it is. If the world was waiting and just saying, You show me where God is authentically showing up, and I will go to encounter it. So the world is desperate.

00:38:22.100 --> 00:38:28.630
Greg Haseloff: They're desperate to see an authentic manifestation of the ward, and

00:38:28.720 --> 00:38:38.030
Greg Haseloff: and I thought that was, you know, just one of the the realities that stood out so much as people flocked to our our little to stop that town. Right?

00:38:38.450 --> 00:38:40.350
Andy Miller III: Yeah.

00:38:40.490 --> 00:38:45.020
Greg Haseloff: So this this this kind of hunger and thirst that

00:38:45.350 --> 00:38:47.760
Greg Haseloff: that's across the generations.

00:38:47.880 --> 00:38:49.800
Greg Haseloff: and it's, you know

00:38:50.780 --> 00:38:52.360
Greg Haseloff: we've

00:38:53.000 --> 00:38:58.740
Greg Haseloff: reflected on the timing that we all just came out of Covid. And so the 2

00:38:59.430 --> 00:39:06.910
Greg Haseloff: 2 and a half years of isolation that existed, the count of polarization

00:39:07.010 --> 00:39:15.230
Greg Haseloff: that that kind of grew during the Covid years. The mental health crisis that our country is in.

00:39:15.530 --> 00:39:16.500
Greg Haseloff: and

00:39:16.720 --> 00:39:21.180
Greg Haseloff: and no one there there is there. There is No.

00:39:21.620 --> 00:39:26.840
Greg Haseloff: there is no societal answer. Yeah, until Jesus.

00:39:27.290 --> 00:39:38.840
Greg Haseloff: Tom. And in this moment of an outpouring we experience Jesus so visibly being the answer to to people's heart crimes

00:39:39.470 --> 00:39:52.250
Andy Miller III: awesome. Well, Greg, thanks so much for your time today. It's meant so much to me. Now I always ask the question: is there more to the story of Greg that's usually told. Now you might be tempted to say that you share your backyard neighbors with my file, My parents.

00:39:52.250 --> 00:40:00.860
Andy Miller III: which must be an adventure in itself. But beyond that is there is there more. This story of Greg Hassle off?

00:40:02.870 --> 00:40:12.490
Greg Haseloff: Well, Andy having your dad as a and your mom as backyard neighbors is a great thrill, and that's a new gift of the last couple of years, for sure

00:40:12.760 --> 00:40:16.510
Greg Haseloff: that that is for sure more to my story

00:40:17.200 --> 00:40:24.740
Greg Haseloff: is that in 15 years of being at Hasbury University, and just the thrill of being here.

00:40:26.840 --> 00:40:34.770
Greg Haseloff: my own background is not in a Christian College University, you know, a big State school for

00:40:35.200 --> 00:40:36.680
Greg Haseloff: my education.

00:40:36.690 --> 00:41:04.020
Greg Haseloff: and I came to Jesus, and a campus ministry called the Wesley Foundation at Texas Tech University. So it's a very different trajectory, you know, than the context. I'm getting to work in at a Christian level or at school, and people laugh all the time when I tell them that my undergraduate major was a bachelor of science in animal business. There you go.

00:41:05.240 --> 00:41:09.610
Andy Miller III: a good, a good West Texan right there, you know, is a

00:41:10.440 --> 00:41:24.940
Andy Miller III: it? You know we're praying to for the Wesley foundations in this time. Is there like as things are happened to the Global Methodist church and the and the Umc. Been such a powerhouse, I think. Were you at Texas Tech, and had a chance

00:41:25.190 --> 00:41:30.740
Greg Haseloff: to serve as the director there a few years later, after I finished Seminary, and

00:41:31.080 --> 00:41:31.980
Greg Haseloff: they.

00:41:32.740 --> 00:41:37.710
Greg Haseloff: Wesley foundations there in West Texas, have found themselves

00:41:37.740 --> 00:41:51.690
Greg Haseloff: and some processes of they're not caught at this affiliation, but they're in a sense become an independent. But you're you're so accurate, Andy.

00:41:51.740 --> 00:42:01.220
Greg Haseloff: But most other Wesley foundations across the country are in or in predicament kind of during this time of change.

00:42:01.370 --> 00:42:04.200
Greg Haseloff: and found in avenues.

00:42:05.230 --> 00:42:24.440
Greg Haseloff: you know, to really continue the vital, vital ministries that are taking place there. We we we have Leslie foundations that have just become incredible places for discipleship, for young men and women being called and into ministry and into church leadership.

00:42:24.440 --> 00:42:34.550
Greg Haseloff: and come into seminary out of those contexts across the country. But this is a crucial time to be brand for them, for how the Lord would provide for them.

00:42:34.610 --> 00:42:41.530
Greg Haseloff: and and kind of what the pathways are going to exist for them over the next few months the next few years.

00:42:41.640 --> 00:43:01.140
Andy Miller III: Well, Greg, thanks so much for your leadership. In the midst of outpouring this, this particular outpouring that's continuing, and on the campus of Asbury. It means a lot to me to know you're there, and we, we trust you. We thank God for your leadership. So thanks for coming to on the podcast

00:43:01.140 --> 00:43:04.230
Greg Haseloff: ministry and all your work, it Wesley Biblical.

Well, friends, I am so glad to have a special guest on today. This this is an episode where we're talking through outpouring at Asbury University, and I am a delighted have I, Anna Jones with me? You may not know that you know her of her work. But you probably do, because all over social media in a variety of places. I'm going to hold it up. Her artwork has been shared. Now i'm sad to say, that

00:01:12.000 --> 00:01:26.460
Andy Miller III: me holding this up right now is probably not a good representation, because it doesn't demonstrate the colors as vibrantly as they are displayed here, but the Anna welcome to the podcast.

00:01:26.720 --> 00:01:33.540
Andy Miller III: Well, I I had no idea that I I've reached out to try to. I I saw your piece of art

00:01:33.540 --> 00:01:47.460
Andy Miller III: being shared, somebody took a picture of it from the stage, and, like I think it was sitting on the stage at huge auditorium, and I was so curious of it, and then I saw people start to share it, and then I wanted to use it. As it was, I was having hosting a few podcasts

00:01:47.550 --> 00:02:07.750
Andy Miller III: that we're talking about the revival outpouring and Asbury. And so I emailed you and got permission by no idea. You're a high school student and I I was like, oh, man, so what a treat! What a would you tell me a little bit about how you got? Well, let's let's start with this. How did you get get to

00:02:07.750 --> 00:02:11.270
be at Asbury while this outpouring was happening?

00:02:12.120 --> 00:02:18.630
Iannah Jones: So I actually had heard about it from my mom.

00:02:19.170 --> 00:02:30.610
Iannah Jones: I'm: i'm a home school student and yeah home schoolers. He mentioned that chapel hadn't stopped, and this was on Wednesday.

00:02:30.690 --> 00:02:33.580
Iannah Jones: and I was

00:02:33.690 --> 00:02:40.360
Iannah Jones: not really thinking about it. Honestly, I was like, oh, that's pretty cool. Okay? And then I moved on with my life.

00:02:40.480 --> 00:02:47.220
Iannah Jones: And then Thursday rolls around it. What had been going on for about 24 h, and I

00:02:47.330 --> 00:02:54.060
Iannah Jones: usually go to a worship set at my dad's work, and I

00:02:55.300 --> 00:03:10.460
Iannah Jones: I had decided that day I was really tired, and I had some school to do, and so I I didn't really want to go, and I was like, you know what i'm going to stay home today. I think that would be the best decision. And then Mom was talking about how it was still going on. It was like they went

00:03:10.610 --> 00:03:15.500
Iannah Jones: a whole 24 h. She's like, yeah, they've kept going, and I was like, Wow!

00:03:15.590 --> 00:03:17.820
Iannah Jones: So I

00:03:18.020 --> 00:03:25.370
Iannah Jones: Well, what happened? Honestly, is that I just really felt the urge like the need

00:03:25.600 --> 00:03:31.680
Iannah Jones: to go and be a part of it somehow, to go sit in the room at least.

00:03:32.100 --> 00:03:34.630
Iannah Jones: and as I was getting ready to leave.

00:03:36.110 --> 00:03:37.520
Iannah Jones: I really felt

00:03:37.910 --> 00:03:43.870
Iannah Jones: the Lord prompting, and he said pretty clearly, Bring a canvas

00:03:44.090 --> 00:03:45.340
Iannah Jones: when I was like.

00:03:46.110 --> 00:04:04.540
Iannah Jones: Excuse me. i'm okay with painting and doing art, but like a canvas. That's pretty big, that's going to be of the way. And I say this as i'm walking towards my room to go get the canvas, because I I had a feeling. I I've learned that you know you don't really argue with God. It doesn't work that way. So

00:04:04.600 --> 00:04:15.530
Iannah Jones: I go, and my sister overheard me as I was walking in there, and I just said, oh, I guess i'm bringing a canvas. Then I picked up all my stuff, and I just went to Hughes.

00:04:15.690 --> 00:04:18.010
Iannah Jones: I went up to the balcony.

00:04:18.130 --> 00:04:21.220
Andy Miller III: All right, let me stop you. So Did you know?

00:04:21.279 --> 00:04:28.280
Andy Miller III: Did you have interaction? Your mom said she knew this was happening as Berry, Were you connected to Dasbury in any way?

00:04:28.860 --> 00:04:30.880
Iannah Jones: Well, we're

00:04:31.620 --> 00:04:42.550
Iannah Jones: part of the one more community. Oh, you live in Wilmore. Okay, but a lot of my life was in Wilmore. My parents went to Seminary there.

00:04:42.560 --> 00:04:52.410
Iannah Jones: My dad's work is there. My family is very involved with it. A couple of things like that. I have a lot of friends there. I go to Gcf. Which is in will more so.

00:04:52.540 --> 00:04:55.370
Iannah Jones: And then on top of that I do take

00:04:55.500 --> 00:05:01.570
Iannah Jones: classes at as there or I did this past year, which were dual credit.

00:05:02.200 --> 00:05:06.160
Andy Miller III: Yeah. Well, what what does your dad do at the Seminary. Just curious.

00:05:06.380 --> 00:05:11.120
Iannah Jones: My dad does not actually work in the seminary. He works in Wilmore.

00:05:11.220 --> 00:05:19.550
Iannah Jones: Yeah. He works at Cornerstone International, the Mission sending organization. I've been involved there ever since. I was probably like 5

00:05:19.670 --> 00:05:35.600
Andy Miller III: Gotcha. Okay, and I I knew Gcf. Church Great Commission fellowship, just as everybody knows. I knew that back when it used to meet at the when I was a student, as very both as our institutions is in that it was in the camp meeting inside. But now it's across the street from

00:05:35.600 --> 00:05:45.360
Iannah Jones: as great university. Right? It's in. Yes, actually, I believe they opened their doors as a satellite camp like satellite area during the outpouring.

00:05:45.540 --> 00:06:03.730
Iannah Jones: Oh, great, okay, interesting. There, actually. So okay, that helps give a little bit of context for how you would know about. Now, what's interesting, though the reason I ask you on is because some people found out about it, you know, just through random people, and they're complete. I mean, I had friends here in Jackson, Mississippi, who knew about it.

00:06:03.730 --> 00:06:15.110
Andy Miller III: and we're completely unconnected that the institutions so. But it's in. That's interesting. So you were like second day. You were there. Sorry? Sorry I didn't mean to interrupt you too much. So you went in with your canvas. Go ahead.

00:06:15.280 --> 00:06:21.320
Iannah Jones: So I was trying to figure out a good spot to be able to paint.

00:06:21.360 --> 00:06:37.480
Iannah Jones: and well, the balcony was very available. It was rather empty, and I went up there just to look around find a space, and I actually I took a hymn and a Bible out from behind my seat and

00:06:37.530 --> 00:06:46.660
Iannah Jones: propped up my easel with it, so that it wouldn't fall, and then wrapped that ground paper because I didn't want to mess up their their books.

00:06:46.700 --> 00:06:53.150
Iannah Jones: and then I put up the canvas, and I just took a moment to just sit

00:06:53.240 --> 00:06:54.830
Iannah Jones: in the space.

00:06:55.290 --> 00:06:58.270
Iannah Jones: because honestly, whenever I

00:06:58.550 --> 00:07:16.800
Iannah Jones: drove we drove the car on to campus I could feel a distinct difference. The presence of the Lord was there, and it just got thicker and thicker once you got in there. And so I just took a moment to just sit and watch what was happening, and just enjoy the moment and soak in

00:07:16.890 --> 00:07:17.740
Iannah Jones: just

00:07:18.100 --> 00:07:22.000
Iannah Jones: his presence. It was incredible. And

00:07:22.260 --> 00:07:23.360
Iannah Jones: and then

00:07:23.410 --> 00:07:32.870
Iannah Jones: one of the things that the Lord had kind of been saying to me subtly, but I I really heard most clearly in that moment was capture the moment.

00:07:33.510 --> 00:07:42.190
Iannah Jones: and I I just let God do what he wanted to do on the canvas, and I just knew I needed to paint what was in front of me.

00:07:42.290 --> 00:07:48.900
Iannah Jones: and I just started from there and went on.

00:07:49.010 --> 00:07:52.910
Andy Miller III: How how long did it take you to paint this?

00:07:53.480 --> 00:07:57.090
Iannah Jones: It took about 4 h.

00:07:57.190 --> 00:07:58.390
Iannah Jones: I

00:07:58.470 --> 00:08:07.970
Andy Miller III: I actually have the original piece right here. Sure. Yeah, if you if you turn your camera to I was just gonna put it up. So imagine people. It's it's okay. If you can't get there

00:08:08.250 --> 00:08:16.400
Iannah Jones: here. I'm: just gonna There you go. Look at that. Okay, that's the original. Huh? Yep, that's the original. Okay.

00:08:16.880 --> 00:08:23.980
Andy Miller III: there is this something coming. And now I've I've spent a lot of hours. I've had tears. I've had

00:08:24.500 --> 00:08:36.669
Andy Miller III: wonderful sense of God's presence in that building, and there was something about that space, even though I didn't have the privilege of being at the outpouring, and will more in those days.

00:08:36.909 --> 00:08:42.080
Andy Miller III: I know the room. I know the room very well, and and I know the spirit.

00:08:42.159 --> 00:08:48.610
Andy Miller III: but it just connected immediately when I saw it. And this this real rich sense that that's

00:08:48.910 --> 00:08:59.220
Andy Miller III: that it it! It's amazing how art can connect you to an an atmosphere, in a sense, a a definite feeling. So

00:08:59.780 --> 00:09:12.030
Andy Miller III: what can you describe the painting? A little bit more to me like what like you, you, you you, since God's voice, and you responded to it. But tell me what you are like trying to hit at what? Why did you want to emphasize?

00:09:13.120 --> 00:09:19.900
Iannah Jones: Well, I would say the biggest thing was just the

00:09:20.240 --> 00:09:26.600
Iannah Jones: the presence of the Lord being there. and the presence of worship?

00:09:26.870 --> 00:09:30.690
Iannah Jones: There was just this outpouring of

00:09:30.720 --> 00:09:43.060
Iannah Jones: the just, this need to worship. and that drove the whole thing the whole way. And being in that room just within the first 24 h, where there

00:09:43.650 --> 00:09:46.160
Iannah Jones: what I thought were a lot of people were there.

00:09:47.630 --> 00:09:54.550
Iannah Jones: It you could just it was just this heart of worship for God, and then Him and His Holy Spirit just

00:09:54.580 --> 00:10:00.300
Iannah Jones: coming down and responding to that. It was just a pouring of love.

00:10:00.400 --> 00:10:02.220
Iannah Jones: And I just really

00:10:02.660 --> 00:10:08.180
Iannah Jones: I really just saw that, and wanted to capture that in it.

00:10:08.480 --> 00:10:12.750
Iannah Jones: And in reality I I look at this picture.

00:10:13.250 --> 00:10:27.260
Iannah Jones: and yes, a lot of the warm tones in it. The lots of yellow. The color balance really helps to bring that out visually. But there, there's more to it. There.

00:10:27.330 --> 00:10:29.620
Iannah Jones: There is a level of

00:10:30.000 --> 00:10:37.260
Iannah Jones: painting expertise that I have not accomplished.

00:10:37.770 --> 00:10:40.420
Iannah Jones: This is

00:10:40.490 --> 00:10:58.270
Iannah Jones: the Holy Spirit. Okay, and I know for personal experience and honestly, most paintings that I paint. I can look at it, and I can pick it apart. I can go. Oh, yeah, that's how I did that brushstroke, and that's what that have it. With that I cannot do that with this one as easily.

00:10:58.360 --> 00:10:59.380
Andy Miller III: Wow!

00:10:59.810 --> 00:11:09.920
Andy Miller III: That is so interesting. And and now one of the things I noticed about the painting is like toward the middle. Like as you look at it, you can see the organ.

00:11:09.940 --> 00:11:22.370
Andy Miller III: the organ pipes, and then you see the cross. You see a piano, but I mean it's it's so. I don't know. Abstract is somewhat. It's not realistic, but yet there's this movement going up to

00:11:22.400 --> 00:11:23.600
Andy Miller III: the ceiling

00:11:24.120 --> 00:11:26.580
Iannah Jones: is, I mean, tell me about that.

00:11:27.730 --> 00:11:30.800
Iannah Jones: I I would say that's

00:11:31.330 --> 00:11:32.810
Iannah Jones: a way of like

00:11:33.120 --> 00:11:36.230
Iannah Jones: it, wound up, becoming this way of of showing

00:11:36.340 --> 00:11:38.350
Iannah Jones: just that

00:11:38.660 --> 00:11:44.980
Iannah Jones: collective movement toward God, and also that

00:11:45.630 --> 00:11:49.090
Iannah Jones: real outpouring of him.

00:11:49.160 --> 00:12:03.350
Iannah Jones: Yes, it's really spirit of his love. And so it's kind of a both ways thing as far as what I see in it. And honestly, one of the things that I love about

00:12:03.600 --> 00:12:04.870
Andy Miller III: Go ahead. Keep talking.

00:12:05.070 --> 00:12:12.100
Iannah Jones: One of the things that really I love so much about this painting is that it just

00:12:12.510 --> 00:12:25.130
Iannah Jones: brings out different things to different people. Some people it's the light streaming, and through the windows that stand out to some people. They see it as worship going up. Some people see it as

00:12:25.160 --> 00:12:28.430
Iannah Jones: Holy Spirit cleansing from

00:12:28.730 --> 00:12:36.810
Iannah Jones: that down on to the people, and it's just God speaking to people in any way that they need to be spoken to.

00:12:36.860 --> 00:12:56.330
Andy Miller III: Yes, yeah, it's so great, and I I do love the windows. I I You know I used to sit by those windows. I had a I had a signed seat behind one of them, and it's it's it's interesting how you have the different colors coming in from the outside, and but the windows are not square.

00:12:56.330 --> 00:13:02.730
Andy Miller III: There's like a circular shape to them that's not there. But yeah, it's like it's communicating something really clearly so.

00:13:02.830 --> 00:13:11.230
Andy Miller III: Oh, this is great! I'm so glad to you now. You have had an interesting journey ever since you painted this painting. Tell me what happened next

00:13:11.590 --> 00:13:16.140
Iannah Jones: so well afterward.

00:13:17.160 --> 00:13:19.680
Iannah Jones: Afterward I I finished it.

00:13:19.830 --> 00:13:21.500
Iannah Jones: and

00:13:22.940 --> 00:13:24.570
Iannah Jones: I I just

00:13:25.010 --> 00:13:34.700
Iannah Jones: all the way through. I had a lot of people coming up, and they were asking if they could take pictures and people coming and talking to me.

00:13:34.990 --> 00:13:36.760
Iannah Jones: and

00:13:36.850 --> 00:13:37.700
Iannah Jones: it just

00:13:37.890 --> 00:13:50.110
Iannah Jones: gave it opportunity for me to be able to encourage some people and be able to connect with some people. I had some other artists that I wanted to be able to talk to and connect with actually one of them we wound up painting

00:13:50.130 --> 00:13:55.160
Iannah Jones: several days later at the outpouring force, individual people.

00:13:56.190 --> 00:14:04.500
Iannah Jones: and so that was really cool, just to be able to minister and bless others through alongside someone.

00:14:05.570 --> 00:14:12.000
Iannah Jones: And then well, after that I I got to go down and worship actually with my youth group.

00:14:12.100 --> 00:14:14.940
Iannah Jones: Okay, down on the bottom floor.

00:14:15.040 --> 00:14:19.310
Iannah Jones: and I actually wound up spending the night

00:14:19.440 --> 00:14:29.680
Iannah Jones: in Hughes. I stayed all the way until about 20'clock on Friday. and that was a really big thing for me.

00:14:31.290 --> 00:14:34.540
Iannah Jones: Yeah, I I deal with some health issues and

00:14:34.660 --> 00:14:42.860
Iannah Jones: sleeping in a building not really sleeping actually in a old building with hard floors was

00:14:42.990 --> 00:14:45.060
Iannah Jones: not something I wanted to do.

00:14:45.090 --> 00:14:45.940
Iannah Jones: bye.

00:14:46.500 --> 00:14:56.880
Iannah Jones: and I was like Lord, I he! He just kind of. I felt the prompting that I needed to, and I was like. Lord, I will be like spent. And he said, i'll fill you up.

00:14:57.070 --> 00:14:57.830
Andy Miller III: Wow!

00:14:58.280 --> 00:14:59.150
Iannah Jones: And

00:14:59.390 --> 00:15:05.000
Iannah Jones: that it it it definitely was a step of faith for me.

00:15:05.480 --> 00:15:06.950
Iannah Jones: and I.

00:15:07.000 --> 00:15:14.760
Iannah Jones: I got about probably 2 h to sleep, but he packed all 8 into 2. So

00:15:15.340 --> 00:15:27.370
Andy Miller III: yeah, go ahead. Keep going. So not too long after that. Then I got I got in touch with you. I know at least I did, and I was trying to somebody randomly. I was. Somebody shared a picture

00:15:27.890 --> 00:15:29.650
Andy Miller III: of your painting.

00:15:29.730 --> 00:15:33.660
Andy Miller III: And then somebody said, who did this, and then I got your mom's

00:15:34.160 --> 00:15:42.560
Andy Miller III: Facebook, or email or something. I forget what I did, and I was able to get her, and then she got me to you. I didn't want to use your painting without your permission. But

00:15:42.860 --> 00:15:54.920
Iannah Jones: tell me about that side like what? What started happening with the painting, particularly

00:15:55.130 --> 00:15:59.920
Iannah Jones: the balcony for quite a while. and then

00:16:00.360 --> 00:16:10.670
Iannah Jones: I did some other painting things. I had some other ways that I ministered to people I had, you know, opportunities for people were able to bless me.

00:16:10.800 --> 00:16:14.250
Iannah Jones: and obviously I spent the night there. And then

00:16:15.970 --> 00:16:21.690
Iannah Jones: the days kind of got blurred together a little bit. So i'm not really sure exactly when it was yeah, I understand.

00:16:21.880 --> 00:16:26.180
Iannah Jones: But at some point I actually

00:16:27.150 --> 00:16:29.550
Iannah Jones: mentioned to

00:16:29.760 --> 00:16:31.370
Iannah Jones: Jen Hasselhoff.

00:16:31.570 --> 00:16:33.510
Iannah Jones: Yeah, I painted it.

00:16:33.700 --> 00:16:50.230
Iannah Jones: and she got so excited, and she said, Wait, and she goes downstairs because Zach, who has been speaking the first person who has been speaking on that Wednesday, and then everything kicked off. He was

00:16:50.230 --> 00:17:00.830
Iannah Jones: like I just talking to her, or she just saw him. I'm not really sure, anyway. So she drags him upstairs. She's like you gotta come see this. Somebody painted something right.

00:17:01.140 --> 00:17:05.550
Iannah Jones: so I I went to go get it.

00:17:06.250 --> 00:17:08.839
Iannah Jones: and I've picked it up, and I brought it over.

00:17:09.250 --> 00:17:10.920
Iannah Jones: And

00:17:11.930 --> 00:17:13.000
Iannah Jones: Zach.

00:17:13.089 --> 00:17:16.530
Iannah Jones: I I just said I, I want to be able to like.

00:17:16.560 --> 00:17:18.930
Iannah Jones: I don't know what we need to do with this, like

00:17:19.020 --> 00:17:24.280
Iannah Jones: I I feel like there's something else we need to be doing with the painting, and he

00:17:24.450 --> 00:17:25.609
Iannah Jones: first off.

00:17:25.859 --> 00:17:29.640
Iannah Jones: He just. He just encouraged me so much

00:17:29.740 --> 00:17:32.690
Iannah Jones: because he poured out just

00:17:32.780 --> 00:17:46.240
Iannah Jones: these beautiful things, saying how much the Lord loves to watch me paint and create and praise him that way, and that was incredible and very, very sweet. And

00:17:46.400 --> 00:17:48.100
Iannah Jones: yeah. And then

00:17:48.210 --> 00:17:52.990
Iannah Jones: I said, Well, what do we need to do with this? He said, let me go on the stage.

00:17:53.550 --> 00:18:02.610
Iannah Jones: And I said, okay. And so he connected me with someone else who works with the chapel and I.

00:18:02.680 --> 00:18:14.690
Iannah Jones: We actually grabbed an easel that was like tucked in the back corner, and we took it up. We walked on stage, set the easel up, put the painting up, and got back off the stage. And

00:18:15.240 --> 00:18:25.550
Iannah Jones: what else happened? From that I I honestly don't know I I just know that there were many people that told me that they saw it on the stage.

00:18:25.560 --> 00:18:27.120
Iannah Jones: and

00:18:27.360 --> 00:18:30.680
Iannah Jones: and it bless them in some way. And

00:18:30.720 --> 00:18:31.420
Iannah Jones: yeah.

00:18:32.190 --> 00:18:45.220
Iannah Jones: So at some point, though, people like me started bothering you and saying, how can I get a copy of this? I'd like, I'd like this. Yeah. So I imagine I wasn't the only one. But if I was the only one. I'm glad to be the only one.

00:18:45.750 --> 00:18:50.990
Iannah Jones: Actually, that's part of the reason why the prints came about. I

00:18:51.140 --> 00:18:52.420
Iannah Jones: was

00:18:53.530 --> 00:19:01.680
Iannah Jones: certain that I wanted to be able to bless the college in some way the University and

00:19:02.190 --> 00:19:05.330
Iannah Jones: I knew that I wanted with the painting itself

00:19:05.360 --> 00:19:10.870
Iannah Jones: as of right now at least, a print will be going up at at Asbury.

00:19:10.940 --> 00:19:13.790
Iannah Jones: Yeah. And

00:19:13.940 --> 00:19:17.220
Iannah Jones: well, what happened is that the

00:19:17.860 --> 00:19:19.200
Iannah Jones: the painting

00:19:20.060 --> 00:19:32.650
Iannah Jones: was just. It impacted so many people and I had lots of people coming up to me, friends of ours, people that I just met me realized I was the one who painted it, and they kept saying the same thing. You need to make prints available.

00:19:32.650 --> 00:19:45.130
Iannah Jones: You need to do postcards somehow. You need to have it on cards. You need to have. You need to have Prince May, and I just kept hearing that over and over again, and I was like, you know what I think. I get the message.

00:19:45.300 --> 00:19:48.000
Iannah Jones: I'm totally for it. And

00:19:49.610 --> 00:20:00.720
Iannah Jones: honestly, at the beginning, I didn't really know how to react with the whole making prints and selling them aspect because I give away my art.

00:20:00.850 --> 00:20:01.650
Andy Miller III: Yeah.

00:20:01.840 --> 00:20:06.890
Iannah Jones: doing that. It makes me very uncomfortable.

00:20:07.060 --> 00:20:10.170
Iannah Jones: and especially something just this.

00:20:10.480 --> 00:20:15.400
Iannah Jones: this personal and valuable in

00:20:15.570 --> 00:20:17.560
Iannah Jones: the way of

00:20:17.600 --> 00:20:27.830
Iannah Jones: the Holy Spirit working through me to create it, because I've done this before with many paintings, and they've always been something personal for an individual

00:20:27.890 --> 00:20:38.230
Iannah Jones: or pictures of it Were what some people needed that kind of thing, and so it made me very, very uncomfortable, but

00:20:39.070 --> 00:20:44.850
Iannah Jones: I just knew I needed to do it, and I kind of told. I told my dad I was like. You know what

00:20:45.510 --> 00:20:50.620
Iannah Jones: I Well, actually, what happened is that we had a gentleman reach out to us.

00:20:50.650 --> 00:20:57.460
Iannah Jones: who offered to cover the cost of getting the prints professionally scanned

00:20:57.870 --> 00:21:01.760
Iannah Jones: I the painting. Sorry, professionally scan. And I.

00:21:03.490 --> 00:21:07.760
Iannah Jones: I just said to my dad, okay, I can do this.

00:21:07.970 --> 00:21:09.350
Iannah Jones: I don't like it.

00:21:09.460 --> 00:21:16.610
Iannah Jones: but I can do it because Scott's asking me to, so i'll jump in with both feet, and we'll figure this out.

00:21:16.760 --> 00:21:17.770
Iannah Jones: and

00:21:18.000 --> 00:21:22.070
Iannah Jones: Then from there we just started going through the process, which wound up.

00:21:22.120 --> 00:21:26.380
Iannah Jones: being a lot more complicated than I thought it would be.

00:21:26.410 --> 00:21:31.860
Iannah Jones: It took probably about 6 weeks, until we had the Prince fully

00:21:32.090 --> 00:21:35.300
Iannah Jones: packaged, and piles of like 150,

00:21:35.470 --> 00:21:37.430
Iannah Jones: and then

00:21:38.010 --> 00:21:42.870
Iannah Jones: now and then we had to buy shipping materials and set up a website.

00:21:42.930 --> 00:21:58.480
Iannah Jones: And now i'm running the small business out of my house. There you go. Wow! Well, i'm a customer. I'm a very satisfied customer. I'll say that, and you have various options, so I have the smallest one kind of a very particular spot there where I want it to go.

00:21:58.480 --> 00:22:09.600
Andy Miller III: but it's also the cheapest, but I mean $15 for this, and you have them. Those bit as much as $50, so I imagine it's pretty big probably is as big as one behind you. I would imagine about that.

00:22:09.980 --> 00:22:14.540
Iannah Jones: It's about this about it

00:22:14.740 --> 00:22:21.250
Iannah Jones: 3 inches total, because all the way around there is a white border. Okay.

00:22:21.680 --> 00:22:23.160
Iannah Jones: yeah, it's

00:22:23.910 --> 00:22:30.400
Andy Miller III: so. You have that, and you have that kind of how's that going? Have you had a ha? Can you tell me about how many you've sold?

00:22:31.050 --> 00:22:33.970
Iannah Jones: We've sold over 60 for sure.

00:22:34.130 --> 00:22:35.880
Iannah Jones: Wow. Great. Yeah.

00:22:35.970 --> 00:22:40.690
Iannah Jones: Yeah. I would have to check the specific numbers, but I know we've we've reached over 60.

00:22:40.890 --> 00:22:52.320
Andy Miller III: Well, I'm hoping my listeners will make double that up. You know that we will get get more, so everybody right now. I'm sure You've already checked it out if you're interested. But you can go to my show notes and you'll find a link

00:22:52.430 --> 00:23:05.360
Andy Miller III: to art by Iana, and that's your website. It's a really nice website, and you know we're really hoping that this will be something that God will bless you with. And you know you use the money as you need to, maybe. Ha! What! What year are you in school?

00:23:05.820 --> 00:23:11.780
Iannah Jones: I am a senior.

00:23:11.820 --> 00:23:13.120
Iannah Jones: I could

00:23:14.640 --> 00:23:23.180
Iannah Jones: hopefully. Hopefully. We can. I I want to be able to use it. to be able to bless more people. And

00:23:23.210 --> 00:23:23.960
Iannah Jones: if

00:23:24.360 --> 00:23:36.470
Iannah Jones: that means that I invest in more schooling for art with it, or I am able to get more supplies. That would be wonderful. But we'll see what's your plans? Are you going to Asbury?

00:23:37.160 --> 00:23:45.460
Iannah Jones: I am definitely considering Asbury right right now, though i'm going to be taking a gap year.

00:23:45.570 --> 00:23:49.310
Iannah Jones: My mom suggested it. She's very wise, so I will

00:23:49.340 --> 00:23:54.570
Iannah Jones: great stick with her with her suggestion. and then

00:23:54.700 --> 00:24:06.750
Iannah Jones: we'll see over. This is art, you think, in arts in the future as a profession. Yeah, this next year I may have some opportunities to do some interning with some artists so.

00:24:07.260 --> 00:24:08.670
Iannah Jones: and maybe some teach.

00:24:08.740 --> 00:24:19.010
Andy Miller III: Well, I I think it would think so. I would hope so. Oliana is such a I I. It's so clear that God is at work on your life, not just through your painting.

00:24:19.010 --> 00:24:29.010
Andy Miller III: but your own testimony, and I know we could have. We could talk for a lot longer, but it means a lot to me that you gave me permission to use your work. I think that God, you guys certainly use it in my life.

00:24:29.040 --> 00:24:43.550
Andy Miller III: And you know those those podcasts and web when I use on my website that image connected people right away. So thank you for that, for being obedient to that voice when you're leaving your house that day and

00:24:43.650 --> 00:24:59.070
Andy Miller III: and all that. Okay, one more last question. I always my podcast called more to stories, so I asked people if there's more to the story of Vianna or more to is there something else? I mean, you're obviously talking a lot about your artwork these days. But is there anything else that's kind of interesting about you that you don't often get a share?

00:25:00.800 --> 00:25:03.630
Iannah Jones: That's a really good question.

00:25:03.650 --> 00:25:06.910
Iannah Jones: They kind of have to think for a second.

00:25:10.840 --> 00:25:13.810
Do you like to go spalking, or something like that, or

00:25:13.880 --> 00:25:17.640
Andy Miller III: hiking? You have like a hobby another hobby besides art. Maybe

00:25:19.240 --> 00:25:21.760
Iannah Jones: I love dancing.

00:25:22.090 --> 00:25:29.510
Iannah Jones: Yeah, I I danced for a long time. For about 10 years. I did ballet

00:25:29.540 --> 00:25:33.660
Iannah Jones: in a semi professional school that was run like a professional school.

00:25:33.730 --> 00:25:34.730
Andy Miller III: Great!

00:25:35.030 --> 00:25:41.010
Iannah Jones: I love it, and I can't stop dancing

00:25:41.440 --> 00:25:45.320
Iannah Jones: as of now. I'm on a hiidus as to professional training.

00:25:45.350 --> 00:25:46.270
Andy Miller III: But

00:25:46.330 --> 00:25:50.900
Iannah Jones: I I dance when I can, and it is certainly a blessing.

00:25:50.910 --> 00:25:54.660
Andy Miller III: Oh, that's my daughter's a dancer. She's in the ballet. Magnificent?

00:25:55.120 --> 00:26:08.780
Andy Miller III: Yeah. Yeah. I own multiple of their DVD performances. Actually. Oh, right, it's a great great Christian program. It's a wonderful day. Yeah.

00:26:08.780 --> 00:26:26.830
Andy Miller III: And then and then obviously, my children also in the art. You, you, my and my kids are home schooled. You have a lot in common. I'd love to get you guys together. Have a conversation. Well, thanks so much, Jana. It means a lot to me. You came on the podcast today, and people go Check out her website. Order this painting. God bless you. Thanks, Iana.

00:26:26.840 --> 00:26:28.740
Iannah Jones: All right. Thank you for having me.

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