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Following God's Call with Cindy-Lou Drummond

April 7, 2022

Major Dr. Cindy-Lou Drummond serves as the Divisional Commander for The Salvation Army in Northeast Ohio. Her path to Salvation Army officership is distinct as she first served as a doctor 15 years before entering ordained ministry. As a single woman, she discusses the importance of same-gender friendship and how people live out a biblical sexual ethic.

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You know there's times, where a lot of people are calling.

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Andy Miller III: For there to be deeper levels of friendships, particularly if people have the same gender, this was something that came about as a result of my conversation with TIM tenant and a part of his book for the body which we've talked about a lot on this podcast.

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Andy Miller III: And today, we have a great example of that in the mid through the Ministry of major Cindy Lou drummond who serves as a leader in the Salvation Army in the eastern territory.

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Andy Miller III: Of the Salvation Army in the United States, I think you're going to find this conversation with major drummond incredibly insightful and helpful and kinda like a prophetic challenge to our time.

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Andy Miller III: To really pursue deep relationships and to find out there's more to the story of people than we kind of we can you imagine at times.

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Andy Miller III: i'm thankful to our sponsors who made this podcast happen and anonymous donor bill Roberts and wp oh development Thank you so much to these folks.

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Andy Miller III: That that helps you then develop creative ideas when you move to a task of actually preaching in writing a sermon.

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Andy Miller III: Okay, also as we move through this process, it really is helpful as we try to develop this Community around the more this story podcast if people can just take a minute.

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Andy Miller III: To like and share this, I also have an author page on Facebook that's that's one way that we're trying to get the word out a little bit more just just Andy Miller, the third author page thanks so much for checking us out and enjoyed this conversation with major Cindy Lou drummond.

welcome to the more to the story podcast i'm glad that you have come along today, and I am delighted to have on with me a friend and basically a family member Cindy Lou.

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Andy Miller III: drummond major Cindy Lou drummond who serves as the division Commander for the neo cell division of Salvation Army and the osa.

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Andy Miller III: stands for the Northeast Ohio Salvation Army somehow they were able to include the Salvation Army in the title of their division there but Cindy loose welcome to podcast.

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Cindy-Lou Drummond: Thanks Andy it's great to be with you.

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Andy Miller III: Well, I said that we have a family connection your father is somebody known to me as uncle chuck.

00:04:10.590 --> 00:04:20.970
Andy Miller III: So right so we've have had a connection through generations wait, maybe, as we get started, could you just give a short version of the story of how our families got connected.

00:04:21.600 --> 00:04:35.220
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Sure um my father was a kid in the Court well actually he was a kid in the Community of Warren Ohio and his he was being raised by his grandparents and they owned a tavern.

00:04:35.760 --> 00:04:46.020
Cindy-Lou Drummond: And the Salvation Army band came around doing an open air, and he fell in love with the coordinate and your grandmother was an assistant officer there.

00:04:46.560 --> 00:04:54.540
Cindy-Lou Drummond: but also your grandfather had some connection with Warren and he my father became a.

00:04:55.440 --> 00:05:05.610
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Bands men, and in order to play in the band he had to come on Sunday, he got saved and as a kid in the core your father your grandfather.

00:05:06.450 --> 00:05:17.370
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Connected with him, he said chuck because very few people graduate from high school then chuck if you graduate from high school, you can come and live with me and serve with me.

00:05:17.940 --> 00:05:26.820
Cindy-Lou Drummond: So my father, I mean, I think, five years would pass your your grandfather went into the military and then got married to on Joan and.

00:05:28.620 --> 00:05:43.440
Cindy-Lou Drummond: The day he graduated he hitchhiked to I think they were in Dover and hitchhike and and knocked on the door and your grandmother answered the door and said, you know hi how you doing my father, with his suitcase and he said well i'm here.

00:05:44.670 --> 00:05:47.280
Cindy-Lou Drummond: move in and your grandfather never told your grandmother.

00:05:49.170 --> 00:06:06.270
Cindy-Lou Drummond: When my father remembered that promise and so that started the Dover days which were the glory days and that's what we would hear all the time, was what was happening in Dover and delivers a small community but it exploded under Andy and john Miller.

00:06:06.870 --> 00:06:08.280
Andy Miller III: And uncle chuck so.

00:06:08.310 --> 00:06:08.880
Andy Miller III: As it.

00:06:09.180 --> 00:06:25.260
Andy Miller III: interesting thing that happens is like imagine like it did at this phase, probably like the 40s and there is it like my grandparents would have just probably in their late 20s early 30s and all of a sudden here's this 18 year old kid i'm moving in.

00:06:25.350 --> 00:06:26.940
Andy Miller III: You said I could come so there it.

00:06:26.940 --> 00:06:28.830
Andy Miller III: Is and then it.

00:06:28.860 --> 00:06:31.260
Andy Miller III: lives on now even to this day.

00:06:31.770 --> 00:06:38.910
Cindy-Lou Drummond: yeah exactly and a funny story when when your grandmother was pregnant with to.

00:06:39.720 --> 00:06:53.460
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Your grandfather had gone to the international youth Congress in London, so my father was staying with her and she went into Labor and my father took her to the hospital and they said, are you, the father and he said no, I just live with her.

00:06:57.840 --> 00:06:58.410
Cindy-Lou Drummond: stories.

00:06:58.770 --> 00:07:02.370
Andy Miller III: It would have been different, you know her differently, these days, of course.

00:07:02.370 --> 00:07:02.730

00:07:04.380 --> 00:07:04.560
Cindy-Lou Drummond: You.

00:07:04.620 --> 00:07:10.650
Andy Miller III: know what, if I have a couple reasons I wanted to have you on the podcast is that you have a unique story now see people who are watching on YouTube.

00:07:10.800 --> 00:07:17.700
Andy Miller III: will see you in your Salvation Army uniform and I described you as a Salvation Army officer with the rank of major and you serve as a divisional commander in northeast Ohio.

00:07:18.000 --> 00:07:31.830
Andy Miller III: But your path to Salvation Army officer ship is unique and it starts, because you, you are on a trajectory a wholly different from Salvation Army ministry so would you tell us a little bit about that, and like what led you.

00:07:32.370 --> 00:07:36.300
Andy Miller III: To the medical profession and then how that led you to Salvation Army.

00:07:36.690 --> 00:07:44.250
Cindy-Lou Drummond: yeah well in a in a roundabout way, I always knew I was going to be a Salvation Army officer he felt called from childhood.

00:07:44.880 --> 00:07:55.620
Cindy-Lou Drummond: To be a Salvation Army officer and I had a pivotal moment when I was 12 we used to do self denial in gatherings where we would bring.

00:07:56.100 --> 00:08:10.620
Cindy-Lou Drummond: The money that we've raised over the course of a year for missions, and it was actually here in Cleveland when my folks were stationed here, I was 12 years old, we had brigid her doctor noble from Katherine booth hospital.

00:08:10.980 --> 00:08:11.550
Andy Miller III: Yes, yes.

00:08:11.970 --> 00:08:15.900
Cindy-Lou Drummond: And the thing that intrigued me about him was that he did not have an arm.

00:08:16.590 --> 00:08:19.230
Cindy-Lou Drummond: And I later learned that because.

00:08:19.620 --> 00:08:27.480
Cindy-Lou Drummond: X Ray was used indiscriminately and they didn't use lead aprons and they didn't have the precautions back then.

00:08:27.810 --> 00:08:47.130
Cindy-Lou Drummond: He had gotten cancer in his shoulder and they amputated his arm and you know he's a surgeon had given his life to the to India to the Lord and that just spoke to me, and at that moment I don't think it was romanticizing it, but I really I sense that that was what God had for me.

00:08:48.480 --> 00:08:58.410
Cindy-Lou Drummond: And so it started me thinking about medicine and just so at 12 i'm thinking about my educational career how i'm going to get to Medical School.

00:08:58.830 --> 00:09:06.540
Cindy-Lou Drummond: And that was always the plan I go to Medical School I go to training college and i'd be a missionary.

00:09:06.930 --> 00:09:08.580
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Okay, and so.

00:09:09.090 --> 00:09:15.060
Cindy-Lou Drummond: went through asbury a graduate from high school i'm not i'm not a great student.

00:09:15.210 --> 00:09:27.540
Cindy-Lou Drummond: But I would say that I am a persevere and i'll i'll work as hard as I can to get what what I need to do so, went through asbury and.

00:09:28.140 --> 00:09:45.900
Cindy-Lou Drummond: ended up that I was on the waiting list for two medical schools and it's very common that many people are on waiting lists and as openings come because people are now admitted to the other medics there's a vacancy and I had determined that.

00:09:47.010 --> 00:09:58.440
Cindy-Lou Drummond: i'd go to whatever school took me first that's that felt that that was the lord's leading and it happened to be the Philadelphia college of osteopathic medicine, which is a very unique.

00:10:00.030 --> 00:10:04.260
Cindy-Lou Drummond: thing in America is that we have osteopathic medicine very was misunderstood.

00:10:05.100 --> 00:10:06.480
Cindy-Lou Drummond: For many years, but now is.

00:10:06.570 --> 00:10:11.310
Cindy-Lou Drummond: is equal par to the allopathic route, which is the md.

00:10:12.930 --> 00:10:33.300
Cindy-Lou Drummond: So I went through Medical School on always with that goal that when I i'm done i'm going to the training college, and of course bills add up, and of course I had to work a little bit to pay that off, but eventually I was in practice in saginaw Michigan and an underserved area.

00:10:33.870 --> 00:10:35.700
Cindy-Lou Drummond: and love that.

00:10:36.090 --> 00:10:36.960
Cindy-Lou Drummond: And then.

00:10:37.980 --> 00:10:53.490
Cindy-Lou Drummond: was my parents retired I moved to Lancaster Pennsylvania in a practice and that brought me I graduated in 1986 did my residency and then in 2001 went to the school for roster train.

00:10:53.850 --> 00:10:56.940
Andy Miller III: wow that's 15 years after you graduated.

00:10:57.270 --> 00:11:05.700
Andy Miller III: yeah so um it's quite a journey to get there now, could you just give it a kind of a bird's eye view of the difference in the two understandings of.

00:11:05.910 --> 00:11:06.450

00:11:08.580 --> 00:11:11.280
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Basically, Western medicine is Western medicine.

00:11:12.330 --> 00:11:19.890
Cindy-Lou Drummond: When it comes to md or do there are some basic things that are very much the same as matter of fact, many of the.

00:11:20.400 --> 00:11:34.740
Cindy-Lou Drummond: osteopathic schools have coupled with empty schools allopathic schools and they offer osteopathic manipulation to the md students, where it's part of the of the curriculum for a deal.

00:11:36.030 --> 00:11:46.470
Cindy-Lou Drummond: The understanding is that we're not just disease of like if your gallbladder is sick it's not just that it affects the rest of your body so it's a very holistic.

00:11:46.920 --> 00:11:57.570
Cindy-Lou Drummond: way of looking at health and so because of let's say you have a sick gallbladder you may have pain in your back you may have difficulty breathing you may have.

00:11:58.290 --> 00:12:18.060
Cindy-Lou Drummond: referred pain and osteopathic manipulation is to help alleviate that in treating the whole person not denying that the gallbladder sick taking care of that but also using osteopathic manipulation to alleviate other stressors from that sick gallbladder.

00:12:19.740 --> 00:12:32.220
Cindy-Lou Drummond: We use it's probably not used quite as much as it was at one time and many osteopathic physicians do not incorporate manipulation or osteopathic.

00:12:32.580 --> 00:12:50.070
Cindy-Lou Drummond: osteopathic principles in their practice, but there are some very good techniques that help to encourage healing and one of the things I remember most about my osteopathic training years is that the human touch is healing in itself.

00:12:50.310 --> 00:12:53.910
Cindy-Lou Drummond: And if you go to a doctor today many times you're not even touched.

00:12:54.270 --> 00:13:09.600
Cindy-Lou Drummond: I noticed that, as I take my parents to to see their doctors, but an osteopath will always put hands on you and I think there's something very significant about that so that's that's basically the difference, I did a an allopathic residency.

00:13:10.020 --> 00:13:10.530
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Okay.

00:13:10.740 --> 00:13:19.200
Cindy-Lou Drummond: I belong to an allopathic academy academy FM with practice, but so it's very interchangeable and you won't even.

00:13:20.400 --> 00:13:25.710
Cindy-Lou Drummond: realize that somebody said, do until you see maybe do on their on their white coat.

00:13:26.790 --> 00:13:28.530
Cindy-Lou Drummond: I think about one of my classmates.

00:13:29.610 --> 00:13:36.870
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Charlie Sophie I don't know if you ever watch Dr phil but Charlie Sophie is now like a Hollywood psychiatry.

00:13:37.260 --> 00:13:42.150
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Okay he's featured but he was a classmate of mine i'm like wow that's really great.

00:13:42.210 --> 00:13:42.900
Andy Miller III: interesting.

00:13:43.170 --> 00:13:45.450
Andy Miller III: I need to get caught up on Dr phil I guess I.

00:13:45.930 --> 00:13:49.470
Andy Miller III: don't know I don't know that name, but some people i'm sure do something.

00:13:49.740 --> 00:13:57.510
Andy Miller III: So you did it for 15 years and now all long were you focused on still that that calling you felt that 12.

00:13:57.900 --> 00:13:59.100
Andy Miller III: Yes, okay.

00:13:59.370 --> 00:13:59.970
Cindy-Lou Drummond: very much.

00:14:00.450 --> 00:14:07.470
Andy Miller III: What happened, how did that, then I mean that that seems like a long time to wait to do what you are feeling called to do tell me.

00:14:07.470 --> 00:14:07.980
Andy Miller III: about that.

00:14:08.730 --> 00:14:12.990
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Well, you know I think there's a mindset and I remember.

00:14:14.550 --> 00:14:24.360
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Dr Burry bon who was at asbury his was a doctor, he was, I think his mom was with w GM I can't remember exactly which mission group but.

00:14:24.870 --> 00:14:29.550
Cindy-Lou Drummond: He had been a missionary and I remember going to one of their evening programs and him saying.

00:14:30.270 --> 00:14:47.070
Cindy-Lou Drummond: You know people think Medical School so expensive i'm not going to do it because it costs too much, he said, but God who provide what you need and it's it's a path that you're called to, and so you just every day is a learning experience every day is something.

00:14:48.180 --> 00:14:50.040
Cindy-Lou Drummond: New and so you just.

00:14:51.300 --> 00:14:52.110
Cindy-Lou Drummond: You just do it.

00:14:52.470 --> 00:14:56.760
Cindy-Lou Drummond: And so, even though it seemed like it was a long time to get to the end point.

00:14:57.960 --> 00:15:02.220
Cindy-Lou Drummond: It really was a ministry for me, and I think that's the.

00:15:03.510 --> 00:15:07.350
Cindy-Lou Drummond: The greatest thing about it it's um it's a ministry medicine is Ministry.

00:15:07.620 --> 00:15:13.110
Andy Miller III: amen so in was that, in part, did you wait, in part because you had to pay off the debt to.

00:15:13.290 --> 00:15:17.730
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Yes, yeah I thought, a big obligation to.

00:15:18.390 --> 00:15:38.550
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Make sure that I went into the Salvation Army without having them have to relieve me of my loans or anything like that this was my degree, this is my gift that the Lord had given me that I paid back, and so I I felt very, very needful to do that yeah.

00:15:38.700 --> 00:15:46.770
Andy Miller III: Interesting so did did you end then go to serve as a missionary at first what's or was that something that you're able to do in another country.

00:15:47.340 --> 00:16:04.800
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Well um it's very interesting and my training years my last two months, well, you have elective time in your fourth year of medical school and I actually went to Catherine booth college or Catherine booth hospital in Niagara coil and got to see where Dr noble.

00:16:05.370 --> 00:16:08.460
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Were lived they lost a child there.

00:16:08.880 --> 00:16:10.530
Cindy-Lou Drummond: And there's actually.

00:16:11.220 --> 00:16:21.570
Cindy-Lou Drummond: A surgical block called the noble block, so it was like a wonderful experience and if I had had the opportunity, I would have said.

00:16:22.590 --> 00:16:25.260
Cindy-Lou Drummond: i'm saying this is it this I love it here.

00:16:26.280 --> 00:16:28.530
Cindy-Lou Drummond: But I had to go back and graduate I had.

00:16:28.860 --> 00:16:33.510
Cindy-Lou Drummond: I think I went in November and December, so I still had six months to go.

00:16:34.830 --> 00:16:36.960
Cindy-Lou Drummond: But um excuse me.

00:16:38.310 --> 00:16:38.760
Cindy-Lou Drummond: I.

00:16:41.100 --> 00:16:53.520
Cindy-Lou Drummond: I did go to Zambia as a medical resident, because I was in Michigan and that division Eastern Michigan had a reserve that you could go.

00:16:53.820 --> 00:17:07.080
Cindy-Lou Drummond: and relieve or help and admission country for a couple of weeks and Eastern Michigan division paid for, so when to Zambia thinking that's probably where I would go chicken kata.

00:17:07.410 --> 00:17:19.860
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Right um when I was commissioned as an officer in 2015 now i'm sorry 2005 2005.

00:17:22.320 --> 00:17:29.970
Cindy-Lou Drummond: I was appointed as a core officer with the understanding that in a few years, I could do missionary service um.

00:17:30.840 --> 00:17:35.940
Andy Miller III: And this is not those who are not connected this Salvation Army, this is not a common.

00:17:36.840 --> 00:17:44.910
Andy Miller III: route for somebody to get a medical degree and then go into Salvation Army officer ship, I mean there's been I can only just think of.

00:17:45.210 --> 00:18:03.150
Andy Miller III: A couple of people who've done this through the years, and so this is in the Salvation Army has it has its way and you're part of the executive, you make that happen you execute that mission that way, but this is stepping outside of the ordinary path of a savage army officer.

00:18:03.570 --> 00:18:08.970
Cindy-Lou Drummond: yeah yeah but I love being a corps officer to I mean it was it was wonderful.

00:18:10.080 --> 00:18:21.030
Cindy-Lou Drummond: And well i'll have to tell you about that some other time but oil city wasn't able to practice medicine, but the connection we actually put together a dental clinic.

00:18:21.570 --> 00:18:22.830
Cindy-Lou Drummond: In oil city as.

00:18:23.580 --> 00:18:27.660
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Because of the connections that we had with the hospital in the health department, but.

00:18:28.800 --> 00:18:39.300
Cindy-Lou Drummond: So, after the three years at a core I was appointed to Zimbabwe now I had warned them that the osteopathic degree was not.

00:18:40.710 --> 00:18:42.840
Cindy-Lou Drummond: accepted in all countries.

00:18:43.200 --> 00:18:46.230
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Okay, believing that they understood that or read that.

00:18:48.840 --> 00:18:53.760
Cindy-Lou Drummond: And they appointed me to Zimbabwe at first, I read it, and I said i'm going to Zambia.

00:18:54.210 --> 00:19:06.030
Cindy-Lou Drummond: And then I read it again, I said no i'm going to Zimbabwe, which I was very excited about because I I when I went to Zimbabwe or to Zambia, I was able to visit Zimbabwe, so it was I was very excited about that.

00:19:06.900 --> 00:19:22.380
Cindy-Lou Drummond: But I didn't know the kind of trouble, I was going to have once I got there and they did not recognize my degree, even though my friend, Dr Martha Jensen, who we did the same residency Program.

00:19:23.610 --> 00:19:27.990
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Both members of the AMA both members of the American Academy of family practice.

00:19:29.010 --> 00:19:36.990
Cindy-Lou Drummond: She got her license right away, and I kept getting deferred and get to getting deferred and getting deferred.

00:19:38.280 --> 00:19:39.300
Cindy-Lou Drummond: To the point that.

00:19:41.010 --> 00:19:43.650
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Eight months almost eight months later.

00:19:46.620 --> 00:19:52.860
Cindy-Lou Drummond: They didn't have a place for me they weren't going to license me so that was one of the greatest disappointments.

00:19:53.070 --> 00:19:54.660
Cindy-Lou Drummond: of my life yeah.

00:19:55.410 --> 00:19:57.090
Andy Miller III: So you got me so i've been in a place where.

00:19:57.240 --> 00:20:00.600
Andy Miller III: This this had been the goal for decades.

00:20:00.720 --> 00:20:07.290
Andy Miller III: And now you're finally there and because there was a misunderstanding of what your degree was not able to serve as.

00:20:07.500 --> 00:20:08.400
Andy Miller III: yeah felt led.

00:20:08.760 --> 00:20:09.600
Andy Miller III: What happened in.

00:20:11.100 --> 00:20:15.510
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Well, it was decided that come back to the States and.

00:20:16.560 --> 00:20:20.340
Cindy-Lou Drummond: was appointed to the training college, as the training college doctor.

00:20:20.790 --> 00:20:23.070
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Okay, was like a double edged sword.

00:20:23.310 --> 00:20:29.340
Cindy-Lou Drummond: You think it would be a really good thing you know because oh wow all the cadets could have free medical care and.

00:20:29.790 --> 00:20:44.220
Cindy-Lou Drummond: But the cadets I believe so, it has an invasion of privacy and and and didn't see it as the benefit that and at that time there was a lot of discussion about week management, which also is a very touchy subject with all.

00:20:44.430 --> 00:20:50.340
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Right so um, so I think it had a double edge we it was interesting that.

00:20:50.700 --> 00:20:57.090
Cindy-Lou Drummond: There were a few really serious cases that we were able to manage and help the cadets through.

00:20:58.200 --> 00:21:02.460
Cindy-Lou Drummond: So we're thankful for that, but it was it was an interesting experience.

00:21:02.970 --> 00:21:09.360
Andy Miller III: So when you came back you went to a training school where did what happened after that, with as far as your various appointments in the Salvation Army.

00:21:09.840 --> 00:21:20.730
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Well, I was at least four years as the medical director at the training college and there was a shift in leadership.

00:21:21.660 --> 00:21:38.850
Cindy-Lou Drummond: As the assistant training principal and I was appointed as the assistant training principal for two years and then from there, I was appointed as the divisional Secretary in New Jersey, then for one year of General Secretary and then here I am.

00:21:39.210 --> 00:21:48.120
Andy Miller III: wow Now this is interesting path now, I want to, I want to come back to what what you're doing now in a leadership role in the Salvation Army, and that is.

00:21:48.630 --> 00:22:00.270
Andy Miller III: A unique path toward in Salvation Army officer ship but there's also something unique about your story, and you brought up Martha the other doctor your friend Now this is.

00:22:00.690 --> 00:22:13.350
Andy Miller III: A unique part of like what people would know about you in our society, we just we do not have categories, because of the way the sexual revolution has impacted our society.

00:22:13.860 --> 00:22:30.870
Andy Miller III: for developing true same gender friendships and I think what's happened in my view, if you a Martha is something that we've called like we've been calling board for a long time, but unfortunately society just is unable to see it very clearly.

00:22:31.080 --> 00:22:31.530
Cindy-Lou Drummond: So.

00:22:31.920 --> 00:22:37.200
Andy Miller III: You have a lifelong friendship that has happened with Martha.

00:22:37.410 --> 00:22:39.600
Andy Miller III: And a lot of times, I imagine, this has led to.

00:22:39.780 --> 00:22:46.260
Andy Miller III: Challenging conversations, where people make assumptions so i'd love for you to talk about the nature of that type of friendship.

00:22:46.680 --> 00:22:59.490
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Sure well i'll go back to when I was doing my residency Martha was already an attending physician and part of the educational program in the residency.

00:23:00.150 --> 00:23:10.740
Cindy-Lou Drummond: And once a week, we would sit she was in charge of the residents we'd said we discuss cases and I just got to know her on a personal level, because she was going through.

00:23:12.210 --> 00:23:18.660
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Something very, very challenging and that was that her twin brother had HIV and now this is.

00:23:20.250 --> 00:23:20.880
Cindy-Lou Drummond: aidan.

00:23:21.270 --> 00:23:36.150
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Okay, so we're talking about the very beginnings of HIV awareness and there was still a lot of fear about HIV and not a lot of good treatments and Martha was.

00:23:37.470 --> 00:23:51.090
Cindy-Lou Drummond: going to be with her twin brother in Detroit who had purchased old houses like you could get houses for a couple hundred dollars in Detroit and he was renovating these beautiful homes.

00:23:51.630 --> 00:24:00.720
Cindy-Lou Drummond: And, in the midst of that he got very ill and she was trying to help him to accomplish his goal of of restoring these homes.

00:24:01.920 --> 00:24:13.770
Cindy-Lou Drummond: So she would leave work on Friday spend the weekend, with him, working in the houses drive back late Sunday night and be back in in the office on Monday well.

00:24:14.400 --> 00:24:31.050
Cindy-Lou Drummond: I was in a delivery and she was my supervisor in the delivery Labor and delivery and she passed out and it is with Dr Jensen what's wrong with Dr Jensen and it led to a conversation she was just burnt out.

00:24:31.230 --> 00:24:31.770
Cindy-Lou Drummond: She was just.

00:24:31.830 --> 00:24:48.810
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Totally burnt out, so I got to the point that mark was very ill he had a lymphoma of the brain, which is common with this type of a condition and he couldn't take care of himself anymore and mark.

00:24:51.240 --> 00:25:02.910
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Martha wanted him to live with her like this point Martha was not a Christian she had gone to church, she was Presbyterian and had.

00:25:03.720 --> 00:25:19.800
Cindy-Lou Drummond: heard about Jesus, but never, never connected that you have to have a personal relationship with him so in the process of our our conversations and her wanting to bring him but trying to figure out how can I take care of him at home by myself.

00:25:21.240 --> 00:25:30.090
Cindy-Lou Drummond: I said, you know I could help you I was, I was chief resident of the residency program, which meant that I made the schedule, which meant that I could.

00:25:30.780 --> 00:25:35.850
Cindy-Lou Drummond: really work it, however, would benefit because she still had to carry on her duties.

00:25:36.660 --> 00:25:54.750
Cindy-Lou Drummond: And, and so it was that mark came to live with Martha and she opened her home to me, which actually benefited me too, I was a little bit closer to the hospital, so it worked out very well, so he was not left alone, and he deteriorated and eventually died.

00:25:56.040 --> 00:25:57.240
Cindy-Lou Drummond: And it wasn't.

00:25:58.260 --> 00:26:11.610
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Until a little bit after that that Martha really realized the price God paid and sending Christ, for her, and so I wasn't even involved in that actual moment.

00:26:11.760 --> 00:26:12.480
Cindy-Lou Drummond: It was actually in the.

00:26:12.540 --> 00:26:13.950
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Car but.

00:26:17.130 --> 00:26:19.650
Cindy-Lou Drummond: She turned her life over to Christ.

00:26:20.310 --> 00:26:20.850

00:26:22.980 --> 00:26:24.780
Cindy-Lou Drummond: So i'm sorry.

00:26:25.260 --> 00:26:27.450
Andy Miller III: No it's great I haven't heard this story.

00:26:29.130 --> 00:26:29.430
Cindy-Lou Drummond: and

00:26:30.870 --> 00:26:32.820
Cindy-Lou Drummond: She wanted to be as a business.

00:26:33.180 --> 00:26:33.480

00:26:34.590 --> 00:26:37.470
Cindy-Lou Drummond: So we went to the core in saginaw.

00:26:39.600 --> 00:26:41.070
Cindy-Lou Drummond: It was just a beautiful.

00:26:42.150 --> 00:26:47.880
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Beautiful time because she was like a blank sheet of paper didn't know anything.

00:26:48.030 --> 00:26:51.390
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Right and God did a wonderful work.

00:26:51.960 --> 00:27:01.320
Andy Miller III: wow so so this guy in this position where like in like in ministry, since you are serving a friend and a colleague.

00:27:01.350 --> 00:27:01.530
Cindy-Lou Drummond: yeah.

00:27:01.770 --> 00:27:10.080
Andy Miller III: And you've gotten this situation where it's just like okay well Lord here I am I have been in this is a part of martha's conversion so she comes to.

00:27:10.290 --> 00:27:15.690
Andy Miller III: us as a result of this hospitality that you're able to show toward one another.

00:27:16.800 --> 00:27:22.050
Andy Miller III: And that that then just lead to like a friendship that you all have that has continued to this day.

00:27:22.410 --> 00:27:23.640
Andy Miller III: I needed to I would say.

00:27:23.760 --> 00:27:26.310
Andy Miller III: Partner I don't know it, though, the word.

00:27:26.460 --> 00:27:27.570
Andy Miller III: The words don't come.

00:27:27.780 --> 00:27:28.350
Andy Miller III: easily.

00:27:28.440 --> 00:27:29.190
Cindy-Lou Drummond: So how me.

00:27:29.340 --> 00:27:31.800
Andy Miller III: know and i'll say maybe i'll give you a second, because I know.

00:27:32.430 --> 00:27:38.220
Andy Miller III: I growing up in the Salvation Army my parents were a divisional use Secretary for years, so we would we traveled.

00:27:38.250 --> 00:27:46.140
Andy Miller III: Three divisions and two in Michigan and then in indiana and I remember occasionally we would go and this so i'm old enough.

00:27:46.470 --> 00:27:56.850
Andy Miller III: Like so this has been like the late 80s early 90s, where we go to a place, we often stay in the homes of savagery mobster I remember a couple of course we go through particularly like a little smaller towns.

00:27:57.540 --> 00:28:15.420
Andy Miller III: There was two single women officers who are serving and they would they had lived out their callings together through the years in the Salvation Army recognize that as a single way I guess it could have happened single men too, but in those days, they would just move them around together.

00:28:15.630 --> 00:28:16.470
Andy Miller III: And there was a great.

00:28:16.530 --> 00:28:25.080
Andy Miller III: team teamwork that came and there was no assumption that this was any sort of like living out of a lesbian relationship or anything like that.

00:28:25.290 --> 00:28:27.510
Andy Miller III: So anyways that's a little bit of history until.

00:28:27.990 --> 00:28:29.970
Andy Miller III: that's not been a common practice.

00:28:31.230 --> 00:28:33.030
Andy Miller III: Lately, but that was basically.

00:28:33.090 --> 00:28:34.770
Andy Miller III: It was is that yeah happen you guys.

00:28:34.830 --> 00:28:38.490
Andy Miller III: Just formed a friendship that was able to serve as I come a life partner.

00:28:39.030 --> 00:28:56.400
Cindy-Lou Drummond: yeah well you know it's I really because of the way our culture is and using that term partner, I wish that there was another word but there really isn't I mean it's a it's an association we're friends it's a sacred friendship, but as far as i'm concerned and.

00:28:57.930 --> 00:28:59.940
Cindy-Lou Drummond: It it's not a sexual relationship.

00:29:05.670 --> 00:29:07.230
Andy Miller III: Oh, we just I just lost you.

00:29:13.200 --> 00:29:13.950
Andy Miller III: record again.

00:29:15.030 --> 00:29:15.360
Andy Miller III: Okay.

00:29:15.750 --> 00:29:22.050
Cindy-Lou Drummond: yeah yeah um I really don't like the word partner, because of the connotation in our culture right.

00:29:24.060 --> 00:29:24.780
Andy Miller III: Oh no.

00:29:29.580 --> 00:29:29.970
Cindy-Lou Drummond: yeah.

00:29:31.110 --> 00:29:34.320
Andy Miller III: And 321 yeah.

00:29:35.040 --> 00:29:39.660
Cindy-Lou Drummond: I don't like that word partner, because of the connotation in our culture, but.

00:29:40.320 --> 00:29:54.870
Cindy-Lou Drummond: it's it's an association and there's not a sexual relationship at all, but we build on each other's strengths, which is and where one has a weakness, the other has a strength, I think that that's something that we just don't see anymore with.

00:29:56.880 --> 00:30:00.570
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Any kind of relationship even sometimes in marriages I don't see that.

00:30:00.570 --> 00:30:02.850
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Right um I think.

00:30:04.590 --> 00:30:14.940
Cindy-Lou Drummond: This this team ministry, it has been so important as Martha and I even in medical practice we had never practiced together, other than resident.

00:30:14.970 --> 00:30:16.200
And attending physician.

00:30:17.430 --> 00:30:29.430
Cindy-Lou Drummond: So we've never been in the same medical practice, but there are things that I know Martha is so much better at doing than I am, and I go to her, will you read this ekg with me and make sure that i'm not missing something.

00:30:29.640 --> 00:30:30.870
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Because that's our kind of thing.

00:30:31.950 --> 00:30:52.380
Cindy-Lou Drummond: In the same way, it was in the core she was very much hands on practical ministry, I was very program oriented and and preaching was really my thing and, and so we shared the pulpit in a course situation.

00:30:53.460 --> 00:31:05.760
Cindy-Lou Drummond: But I knew that I could leave all the day to day things with the food management, the facility itself everything Martha was all over that it got her she's a Martha you know she.

00:31:05.970 --> 00:31:07.620
Cindy-Lou Drummond: really is a biblical Martha.

00:31:07.680 --> 00:31:08.130
Andy Miller III: yeah she.

00:31:08.280 --> 00:31:09.480
Cindy-Lou Drummond: wants she's busy.

00:31:09.600 --> 00:31:16.920
Cindy-Lou Drummond: And and i'm probably a Mary I would rather sit at the feet of Jesus and just take it all in so.

00:31:17.280 --> 00:31:17.580
Andy Miller III: sure.

00:31:17.640 --> 00:31:30.960
Cindy-Lou Drummond: And that's just kind of how it's always been so you're right the our culture today has made it very difficult going to that first appointment, even before that going to the training college.

00:31:31.200 --> 00:31:42.270
Cindy-Lou Drummond: yeah I know the territory thought they were doing a great thing, but they interviewed us, we were the first candidates to be accepted for this particular session and we.

00:31:45.630 --> 00:31:55.950
Cindy-Lou Drummond: We had this interview, and as soon as we got to the training college in September several people came up so you know what is your relationship, are you guys lesbians, what is.

00:31:56.940 --> 00:32:04.200
Cindy-Lou Drummond: The same thing at the first appointment, it was in western Pennsylvania cultures, maybe a little bit different there but.

00:32:06.210 --> 00:32:11.220
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Just couldn't believe that people would outright say that to our faces.

00:32:11.400 --> 00:32:20.940
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Knowing that we're Salvation Army officers, knowing what the doctrine of the Salvation Army now, I imagine, people do live a secret life, I mean, I think we know that.

00:32:21.180 --> 00:32:21.660
Cindy-Lou Drummond: People leave.

00:32:21.810 --> 00:32:22.080

00:32:23.310 --> 00:32:36.660
Cindy-Lou Drummond: That was not our case and that it made it very, very awkward at a time, but it's one of those things you just have to let it go, you know who you are, this is the truth, this is how i'm living and.

00:32:38.370 --> 00:32:44.130
Cindy-Lou Drummond: pray that people's perceptions don't close her eyes to what God has to say so.

00:32:44.340 --> 00:32:51.900
Andy Miller III: Right, I think it's so clear when you're when you get to connected to someone we when i've interacted with you, through the years.

00:32:52.200 --> 00:32:54.990
Andy Miller III: That that's the nature of your relationship to me.

00:32:55.290 --> 00:33:01.410
Andy Miller III: But nevertheless, like that the question is still there and I remember saying to my parents like when I first met you a Martha.

00:33:01.620 --> 00:33:08.460
Andy Miller III: Well, what How does that work and my parents were very close to their friends their friends in the end they share things together it's it's.

00:33:08.850 --> 00:33:18.570
Andy Miller III: helpful to have somebody who shares expensive with and, like the team approach to life in general, how, how do you try to, and I imagine there might be some other people.

00:33:18.870 --> 00:33:24.330
Andy Miller III: Who could be encouraged by this, who have a similar type of relationship, but in our time it's just it almost like.

00:33:24.780 --> 00:33:35.610
Andy Miller III: Our culture wants this to stop that from happening, and once you soon, do you try to get in front of it, or you just wait for people ask you questions it's so I imagine so hard.

00:33:36.000 --> 00:33:38.100
Cindy-Lou Drummond: yeah it's one of those things that.

00:33:39.150 --> 00:33:42.270
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Some people don't talk about.

00:33:43.530 --> 00:33:56.790
Cindy-Lou Drummond: I know that there were some rumors at the training school and we took swift action to discuss it and say no, this is not what it and trying to nip that in the bud.

00:33:57.870 --> 00:34:07.260
Cindy-Lou Drummond: But people like people are going to be people they're going to think in a very always thinking, the worst instead of the best of people.

00:34:09.360 --> 00:34:17.610
Cindy-Lou Drummond: we've had a few women who have come out of the training college that have had similar type of relationship of friendship.

00:34:18.120 --> 00:34:25.260
Cindy-Lou Drummond: That are they work so well together they know and how much better, is it as a Salvation Army officer to know that.

00:34:25.740 --> 00:34:38.310
Cindy-Lou Drummond: The person that's working with you, you don't have to worry about all the drama and all the other things you know them, you know how you can work together and see efficient it's it's for the kingdom it works so.

00:34:39.030 --> 00:34:50.190
Cindy-Lou Drummond: On occasion it's usually if people ask and help at the training school had a little different role because we speak into people's lives more openly there.

00:34:51.450 --> 00:34:51.780
Cindy-Lou Drummond: But.

00:34:53.010 --> 00:35:09.150
Cindy-Lou Drummond: yeah I I guess I kind of wait for something to be said, or happen to address it yeah but there's no sense in getting angry about it, you know it's just people don't understand and I was so thankful that you spoke with Dr tenant and that he mentioned that.

00:35:09.480 --> 00:35:10.110
Cindy-Lou Drummond: yeah about.

00:35:10.230 --> 00:35:15.000
Cindy-Lou Drummond: About friendships and I actually bought his book, after listening to that podcast.

00:35:15.000 --> 00:35:15.690
Andy Miller III: How could.

00:35:15.900 --> 00:35:29.280
Cindy-Lou Drummond: I think it's it's so important and people people don't want to invest in other people as a friend, I feel like Martha is my peer but at one point I was a peer mentor.

00:35:29.460 --> 00:35:30.780
Cindy-Lou Drummond: To her spiritually.

00:35:30.900 --> 00:35:31.320
Andy Miller III: For sure.

00:35:31.800 --> 00:35:33.540
Cindy-Lou Drummond: She is an encourager to me.

00:35:34.890 --> 00:35:47.310
Cindy-Lou Drummond: And I think that that's one of the great things about having a friend like that that understand you understand where you're coming from encourages you can be very honest with you.

00:35:47.790 --> 00:35:52.560
Cindy-Lou Drummond: yeah in a way that you, you take and respect and aren't offended by that so.

00:35:52.950 --> 00:35:56.640
Andy Miller III: Well, I hope that this can be an encouragement to people to pursue.

00:35:57.300 --> 00:36:10.560
Andy Miller III: same gender friendship it's, it is a challenge to not have even in in public, last week I was at Association for biblical higher education conference in Orlando there's a colleague from another university, we were working on a.

00:36:11.010 --> 00:36:17.970
Andy Miller III: On a partnership within our within our two institutions, so we had two meals together, and here we are, dressed up going out to eat.

00:36:18.270 --> 00:36:28.680
Andy Miller III: And you know both of us our wives and our children are at home, but I did have the thought several times, oh people might be looking at us like as if we are in a same sex relationship.

00:36:29.010 --> 00:36:43.560
Andy Miller III: In a sexual relationship, and I was frustrated by that i'm like I can't even sit down and have a meal now i'm not I nobody came up to me and said set set anything but unfortunately that's where we are, as a society but that shouldn't prevent.

00:36:44.490 --> 00:36:53.400
Andy Miller III: The good that can come when what we know to be true in our hearts when things are still within the boundaries that God has laid out.

00:36:54.120 --> 00:37:04.560
Andy Miller III: For friendship like it if it's not if it's not violating god's boundaries let's go for it, and this is a way to enrich our lives i'd love for you anything else you want to say about the spiritual friendship.

00:37:05.820 --> 00:37:15.300
Cindy-Lou Drummond: um you know I look back now now Martha and I have shared living arrangements for all these years i'm really.

00:37:17.670 --> 00:37:20.010
Cindy-Lou Drummond: A 3030 plus years.

00:37:20.100 --> 00:37:33.750
Cindy-Lou Drummond: I think and and for the last 10 years my parents have been living with us, and my parents retired officers, but my father had a traumatic brain injury.

00:37:34.920 --> 00:37:38.310
Cindy-Lou Drummond: My mom lost her vision within months of him having this.

00:37:39.540 --> 00:37:51.870
Cindy-Lou Drummond: traumatic brain injury and they are dependent on us so 10 years there 90 in their 90s now and I could not work if Martha wasn't with me.

00:37:52.620 --> 00:37:54.270
Cindy-Lou Drummond: She retired two years ago.

00:37:54.720 --> 00:38:04.590
Cindy-Lou Drummond: And she has been really the glue to help keep the household going she they are her parents spiritually.

00:38:04.890 --> 00:38:13.920
Cindy-Lou Drummond: yeah funny story when she was doing her candidates papers for training when it put down when it says your name or your father she put my father's name down.

00:38:14.280 --> 00:38:16.170
Cindy-Lou Drummond: wow she said I just wasn't even thinking.

00:38:16.170 --> 00:38:19.020
Andy Miller III: Because it's been like a father to me so.

00:38:19.770 --> 00:38:22.710
Cindy-Lou Drummond: But her own parents died soon after her twin brother.

00:38:22.830 --> 00:38:25.710
Cindy-Lou Drummond: died actually within six weeks of each other so she.

00:38:26.010 --> 00:38:29.820
Cindy-Lou Drummond: She went through a quite a bit of trauma at that very beginning.

00:38:30.840 --> 00:38:40.680
Cindy-Lou Drummond: So my family has become really a family, for her and in the midst of this, but I think it's so important, we need each other.

00:38:42.360 --> 00:38:48.090
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Where I helped her many years ago she's helping me now she had a hip replacement the other week.

00:38:49.170 --> 00:38:50.580
Cindy-Lou Drummond: i'm here for her you know.

00:38:50.610 --> 00:38:50.910
Andy Miller III: yeah.

00:38:51.090 --> 00:38:55.800
Cindy-Lou Drummond: it's hard thinking about being a single person and doing some of the things that you have to do.

00:38:55.830 --> 00:38:57.030
Andy Miller III: When you have so badly.

00:38:57.330 --> 00:38:57.540
Andy Miller III: yeah.

00:38:57.630 --> 00:39:01.650
Andy Miller III: Our society is built for these type of relationship that I think that mirrors and part.

00:39:02.190 --> 00:39:07.890
Andy Miller III: Of god's very nature God is love God exists as try Yun and if that's the case like these.

00:39:08.130 --> 00:39:17.550
Andy Miller III: Relationships were met, not to be alone in part of the challenge within the Salvation Army, I think, is that we have in the United States at least I can speak to that.

00:39:17.850 --> 00:39:23.910
Andy Miller III: That our model for Salvation Army officer ship really is built on the team model.

00:39:24.300 --> 00:39:38.460
Andy Miller III: There, there is an in part, all that has to happen in a field appointment or then in the divisional appointments and territorial appointments follow the same assumption that the compensation model is based upon a team.

00:39:38.940 --> 00:39:49.530
Andy Miller III: husband and wife team, the responsibilities in an appointment like you outlined the things that you all did an oil city I, this is, in part, the challenge like there's not.

00:39:50.250 --> 00:39:59.940
Andy Miller III: As a zone or a slot for single ministry, as I may have i'm sorry it's it's it's that really helped me it helped me articulate that.

00:40:00.990 --> 00:40:01.920
Cindy-Lou Drummond: yeah um.

00:40:03.600 --> 00:40:05.190
Cindy-Lou Drummond: there's so much work to be done.

00:40:05.400 --> 00:40:10.710
Cindy-Lou Drummond: I mean, I find that even here in my position is divisional commander, this should be a married couple.

00:40:11.310 --> 00:40:13.470
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Empty kind of position.

00:40:14.670 --> 00:40:21.750
Cindy-Lou Drummond: I am not only the divisional commander but i'm also the the women's divisional women's ministries Secretary.

00:40:22.950 --> 00:40:23.340
Cindy-Lou Drummond: leader.

00:40:23.550 --> 00:40:25.410
Andy Miller III: I don't know, President you.

00:40:26.430 --> 00:40:26.670
Andy Miller III: know.

00:40:27.720 --> 00:40:29.310
Andy Miller III: I always think it's kind of funny how it's like.

00:40:29.430 --> 00:40:30.990
Andy Miller III: World president or something.

00:40:31.650 --> 00:40:33.300
Andy Miller III: That was my aunt when she was in that job.

00:40:33.450 --> 00:40:35.550
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Right right yeah well i'm not that high yet.

00:40:37.080 --> 00:40:37.380
Cindy-Lou Drummond: But.

00:40:38.160 --> 00:40:51.810
Cindy-Lou Drummond: yeah I think that there's a benefit to that even the kind of work that we do that requires discussion that it's not one person's at this at this level, not one person's decision.

00:40:52.140 --> 00:40:55.140
Cindy-Lou Drummond: It really should be talked through and having a partner.

00:40:55.440 --> 00:41:05.670
Cindy-Lou Drummond: To do that now I use my staff to participate in decision making, but and that's that's just the way I lead, but there are people that.

00:41:06.600 --> 00:41:17.520
Cindy-Lou Drummond: would just probably consult their their wife or their spouse, but yet they're just really there are many single people in a core setting.

00:41:18.240 --> 00:41:27.300
Cindy-Lou Drummond: But they cannot do it alone, and if they don't have the local officers or community leaders or even employees to come, alongside them.

00:41:27.690 --> 00:41:40.140
Cindy-Lou Drummond: It is a daunting task for them to to lead and and live and move because we have to have relationship with God, we have to have that time and some are so overwhelmed.

00:41:40.530 --> 00:41:48.930
Cindy-Lou Drummond: That that's, the first thing that goes and they don't have friendships they don't make connections in the Community, the most successful single people I know.

00:41:50.100 --> 00:41:56.940
Cindy-Lou Drummond: In a core setting or in the Salvation Army have outside connections, they have friends and you need to have friends.

00:41:57.240 --> 00:42:02.220
Andy Miller III: yeah, this is the challenge that comes is that if we.

00:42:02.910 --> 00:42:08.970
Andy Miller III: And i'm not i'm not suggesting it needs to be changes made in Salvation Army, because I think that that's part of the strength.

00:42:09.210 --> 00:42:15.750
Andy Miller III: of what has happened that there is this assumption of the married couple or a bit of a team approach.

00:42:16.020 --> 00:42:29.070
Andy Miller III: But it takes and you would know this to like working as a division commander putting people into appointments and being a part of the appointment process it takes thinking about what type of situation in context you're putting somebody into.

00:42:29.580 --> 00:42:50.610
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Absolutely yeah that that goes into it and then how can we support them if they're going in as a single person, how can I support them do I get a candidate intern do I get someone that that will really give them what they need, while they're in that appointment it's tough it's tough.

00:42:51.240 --> 00:42:57.930
Andy Miller III: Well, so now you're you're serving this role as a divisional commander, and I imagine that that back when you heard Dr noble.

00:42:58.260 --> 00:43:04.440
Andy Miller III: And it when you're 12 years old, you were thinking okay i'll serve as a missionary somewhere and now you're responsible for.

00:43:05.070 --> 00:43:14.280
Andy Miller III: A whole division operation and officers and staff and development and Cleveland and all these type of things, what are some of the things you're learning in your appointment now.

00:43:15.360 --> 00:43:34.200
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Well, I i'm learning that it's very pastoral that and everybody has said you're the pastor to the pastors and I love that part of it, one of the new things that we've started in this division is officer development and, although I don't directly.

00:43:35.430 --> 00:43:46.200
Cindy-Lou Drummond: lead that program I I am included in it and we've taken our our officers to try to help them to grow and to learn.

00:43:48.150 --> 00:43:57.300
Cindy-Lou Drummond: and not get stagnant and that's you know we've got the five year program for the new lieutenants and there they've got a connection with asbury for a degree program but.

00:43:58.410 --> 00:44:16.440
Cindy-Lou Drummond: learning should keep going, and they should grow their people should grow and discipleship has been really the key theme that i've wanted to express to this division and I think this is one of the ways to do it so being the pastor to the pastors I love that.

00:44:17.640 --> 00:44:35.610
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Hard parts are discipline and correction that's that's always a very difficult thing but it's different than what I thought it would be, and I think covert has influenced that, to some degree in a way i'm glad for that, because.

00:44:36.750 --> 00:44:47.040
Cindy-Lou Drummond: The schedule just get so stressed out, and I know i'm hearing that from the officers, there were so many events so many and so maybe this pause was a good reset for us.

00:44:49.320 --> 00:44:49.500
Cindy-Lou Drummond: I.

00:44:50.820 --> 00:44:53.220
Cindy-Lou Drummond: There are so many things that i'm learning I just go.

00:44:54.900 --> 00:44:56.010
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Just about people.

00:44:56.160 --> 00:44:58.440
Cindy-Lou Drummond: About leaping and i've.

00:45:00.150 --> 00:45:03.510
Cindy-Lou Drummond: i'm glad, for it it's a it's a good thing up.

00:45:04.590 --> 00:45:07.890
Cindy-Lou Drummond: I think people have an idea oh.

00:45:10.650 --> 00:45:10.890

00:45:12.420 --> 00:45:12.840
Cindy-Lou Drummond: yeah.

00:45:13.410 --> 00:45:17.070
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Okay, I hope, it's not my Internet there but.

00:45:18.000 --> 00:45:23.670
Andy Miller III: i'm gonna see see if I can figure out where we are i'll just see if I can time it out.

00:45:26.820 --> 00:45:29.160
Andy Miller III: Okay i'll just make a note here that we need to.

00:45:31.770 --> 00:45:37.890
Andy Miller III: Let me jump in here i'll jump in I think will be fair, I can ask a question to get us going and then out to finish up finish up.

00:45:39.600 --> 00:45:51.480
Andy Miller III: So Cindy Lou when you think about where things are in the Salvation Army and it's mirrored in other denominations other denominations that particularly I think about in the western tradition that will evangelical denominations.

00:45:52.620 --> 00:45:59.700
Andy Miller III: What do you think the challenges are for us and how do we face those I mean obviously that's a big question but you're right on the front lines.

00:45:59.880 --> 00:46:09.420
Andy Miller III: Dealing with dozens of Salvation Army officers who are dealing with co vague the sexual revolution challenges from all sorts of fronts, but what is it what is.

00:46:09.480 --> 00:46:11.070
Andy Miller III: what's the way you can encourage us today.

00:46:11.910 --> 00:46:20.550
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Well, I think, culture is one of our greatest issues we are one foot in culture and one foot in the Salvation Army.

00:46:21.660 --> 00:46:23.970
Cindy-Lou Drummond: passionate mission and.

00:46:25.290 --> 00:46:40.770
Cindy-Lou Drummond: We can't be divided like that I think this is one of those things and I hear you say this over and over again and i'm with you 100%, we have to be grounded in scriptures or first doctrine, we have to believe that that's really where we are and when we have doubt in that.

00:46:42.120 --> 00:47:00.870
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Security in that foundation then Salvation Army officer ship should not be entertained we we've got the 100% in, and I think the life of self sacrificing life that's really what we buy into as Salvation Army officers.

00:47:02.100 --> 00:47:14.520
Cindy-Lou Drummond: But I would encourage people that we can I mean it's very true, we can be in the world, but we don't have to be of the world, and I think this is one of the things that we have to really get that mindset of Christ that.

00:47:15.660 --> 00:47:21.810
Cindy-Lou Drummond: We are to be serving we are to be totally dedicated to him and.

00:47:23.310 --> 00:47:30.450
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Let him take care of us rather than us trying to think it out and and work it out so to our benefit.

00:47:32.370 --> 00:47:35.730
Cindy-Lou Drummond: We trust him with our plans with trust and obey I think those are the.

00:47:35.970 --> 00:47:38.040
Cindy-Lou Drummond: biggest things that we trust and obey.

00:47:38.610 --> 00:47:50.850
Cindy-Lou Drummond: And I I am challenged by what's happening in the in the world, especially the sexual revolution I i'm so discouraged by what is happening in the Salvation Army.

00:47:52.020 --> 00:48:05.850
Cindy-Lou Drummond: That we've gone away from what we know and what we believe, and what the scripture says and we're trying to fit it into what we want, or what we think we should be doing or what the culture is doing what's really what it speaks to.

00:48:07.500 --> 00:48:10.650
Cindy-Lou Drummond: And I think that's that's our challenge.

00:48:10.680 --> 00:48:18.330
Andy Miller III: it's so what's the answer I mean you're you're at an executive level where you see it from a different seat now and i'm outside of all ships serving as a soldier.

00:48:18.690 --> 00:48:20.250
Andy Miller III: But what's the answer.

00:48:20.730 --> 00:48:23.790
Andy Miller III: For this arbitrary at this stage when there's.

00:48:23.820 --> 00:48:27.270
Andy Miller III: competing interests like there's I was i've said there's mixed messages like there's.

00:48:27.810 --> 00:48:39.960
Andy Miller III: Totally the Salvation Army that are saying no, we can we can interpret scripture different where the or scriptures not the authority anymore my experience governs this, how are we going to handle this moment.

00:48:41.340 --> 00:48:47.190
Cindy-Lou Drummond: yeah we may have to take a step back, we may lose people we may have to refine.

00:48:48.420 --> 00:48:51.900
Cindy-Lou Drummond: But if we are true to our mission, I think that.

00:48:53.520 --> 00:48:56.610
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Those that just are not on board, whether.

00:48:57.660 --> 00:49:07.800
Cindy-Lou Drummond: We sometimes have to cut with a knife and and I think that that's kind of a harsh thing to say, but there are other denominations.

00:49:07.800 --> 00:49:08.580
Cindy-Lou Drummond: That may be.

00:49:09.030 --> 00:49:11.040
Cindy-Lou Drummond: better suited for some people.

00:49:12.360 --> 00:49:30.240
Cindy-Lou Drummond: But the body my mind just goes around in circles about this because it's god's word and if we try to look for something else to to make us feel good about what we're thinking and what we believe, but it's not spiritually based you lost.

00:49:30.690 --> 00:49:32.160
Cindy-Lou Drummond: So it's.

00:49:33.750 --> 00:49:38.820
Cindy-Lou Drummond: You know I say find another denomination but really why not get right with the Lord and.

00:49:38.820 --> 00:49:45.030
Cindy-Lou Drummond: get it get the point and surrender I think surrender is the biggest thing.

00:49:46.470 --> 00:49:54.450
Cindy-Lou Drummond: You know I think we have to obey we've and in obedience, we have to surrender I told you that discipleship is really my theme.

00:49:55.740 --> 00:50:05.520
Cindy-Lou Drummond: And I feel because I don't think that I was disabled well as a younger person, there were good things, but I I wish I had no more earlier.

00:50:05.700 --> 00:50:18.330
Cindy-Lou Drummond: I wish that there was an investment, although you know you've got your parents and family investing but just for somebody really investing in me and disciple in me I think that's just so important and.

00:50:19.620 --> 00:50:37.950
Cindy-Lou Drummond: The word says that we are to take up our cross daily to follow him if we're going to be a true disciple take up our cross daily, and that means surrendering our will every single day and that's our emotions our sexual feelings are our everything.

00:50:38.100 --> 00:50:40.110
Cindy-Lou Drummond: We surrender our will.

00:50:40.530 --> 00:50:41.400
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Our wants.

00:50:41.640 --> 00:50:50.850
Cindy-Lou Drummond: or desires and that's what being a true disciple of Jesus is, and I think we've allowed it to mean something else and.

00:50:52.500 --> 00:51:04.650
Andy Miller III: Oh great this is so good, I mean it's also because because anybody who's listening to you talk right now here's the compassion here's the sympathy, at the same time, but also the truth.

00:51:05.010 --> 00:51:11.790
Andy Miller III: So often like we're not willing to say what was true cuz we don't want to hurt somebody's feelings or we don't want to be in a place where we're going to have to.

00:51:12.180 --> 00:51:23.700
Andy Miller III: Have a difficult conversation, but you even saying like it might need to be a cut with a knife but, but you immediately you didn't back off of it, you said, but I hope for surrender I hope for wholeness I hope for discipleship.

00:51:23.970 --> 00:51:32.250
Andy Miller III: Now some people would say Oh well, you're you're just asserting your way, but I think those who know like can hear the heart that you're speaking with.

00:51:32.670 --> 00:51:41.790
Andy Miller III: and know that this is like the way that we're committed to the principles that have united us already so I love that you want to add anything else to that before we finish up.

00:51:42.000 --> 00:51:50.550
Cindy-Lou Drummond: I just believe that that God raised up the Salvation Army, I have no doubt about that, and we have a purpose, when we dilute.

00:51:51.810 --> 00:51:55.050
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Our mission dilute who we are our identity.

00:51:56.520 --> 00:52:08.880
Cindy-Lou Drummond: We lose what God has called us to do, and we need an uprising of devoted disciples in the Salvation Army, we are an army to fight sin.

00:52:09.390 --> 00:52:20.520
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Yes, what we do and what comes out of that is the love and the compassion and the food and the housing and all of those things, but we can't, we have to keep what's primary primary.

00:52:20.730 --> 00:52:38.820
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Yes, and I think that's just so important, so I, I am a salvation is through and through and I, and I love the mission of the Salvation Army and it does grieve me when when we try to deviate from who we are we've got to really be have a solid identity.

00:52:39.060 --> 00:52:47.310
Andy Miller III: amen well and i'm excited to know that you're going to be representing your territory at the International sexuality symposium that's going to happen.

00:52:47.580 --> 00:52:53.520
Andy Miller III: In Singapore, I know about this, because it, how it worked was that they every territory would nominate a couple of people.

00:52:54.300 --> 00:53:05.520
Andy Miller III: Various age ranges I think they could dominate three and not everybody's going to be chosen, I was nominated but not chosen there it is that, but I was called but not chosen but.

00:53:06.270 --> 00:53:14.520
Andy Miller III: But you are nominated and chosen, and I know, several other people who have been chosen to participate across at least from the United States.

00:53:14.760 --> 00:53:23.490
Andy Miller III: And i'm so glad that you'll be able to hopefully i'm not sure what the format of that discussion will be for the Salvation Army, but you'll be able to articulate this which is.

00:53:23.700 --> 00:53:30.180
Andy Miller III: kind of like a theme that's come through on this podcast it's not something that I want to talk about all the time, but it's what the culture is throwing at us is what the.

00:53:30.390 --> 00:53:42.810
Andy Miller III: The challenges within the system of various denominations is throwing at us so it's it's impart what we have to speak to this is this is our moment and Cindy Lou i'm so glad that your perspective will be there and.

00:53:43.140 --> 00:53:57.180
Andy Miller III: And also i'm thankful that you're serving in the appointment that God has given you with the gifts that he's given you through the years serving as a doctor and the medical field and now an administrative role so thanks so much for taking time to come on the podcast.

00:53:57.390 --> 00:53:58.470
Cindy-Lou Drummond: It means a lot to me.

00:53:58.980 --> 00:54:03.180
Andy Miller III: Thank you, oh I forgot my question more just story question so Is there more to this story.

00:54:03.240 --> 00:54:04.620
Andy Miller III: That we didn't get today.

00:54:05.010 --> 00:54:07.920
Andy Miller III: That is something you like to do or something that people don't often know about you.

00:54:09.090 --> 00:54:09.660
Cindy-Lou Drummond: um.

00:54:10.980 --> 00:54:11.370
Cindy-Lou Drummond: well.

00:54:12.690 --> 00:54:15.060
Cindy-Lou Drummond: I think people know that I am a dog lover.

00:54:15.480 --> 00:54:17.220
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Okay, but big dog lover.

00:54:17.640 --> 00:54:22.200
Cindy-Lou Drummond: And I my my to English masters both died last year.

00:54:22.350 --> 00:54:24.330
Cindy-Lou Drummond: And I got a golden doodle.

00:54:24.510 --> 00:54:26.700
Cindy-Lou Drummond: who's a medium golden doodle he's cute.

00:54:27.180 --> 00:54:33.450
Cindy-Lou Drummond: But I am a dog lover I probably be a now working in a dog show or something if I know that's not true.

00:54:35.640 --> 00:54:38.760
Andy Miller III: yeah golden doodle we have a bunch of our neighborhood all they're so beautiful.

00:54:38.850 --> 00:54:40.680
Andy Miller III: yeah what's your golden duels name.

00:54:41.340 --> 00:54:44.400
Cindy-Lou Drummond: rusty it goes with his color he's arrested color.

00:54:44.970 --> 00:54:45.390
Cindy-Lou Drummond: But.

00:54:46.020 --> 00:54:48.510
Andy Miller III: Well, thanks so much for coming on Cindy Lou it's been a blessing.

00:54:48.990 --> 00:54:50.370
Cindy-Lou Drummond: Thanks Andy appreciate it.

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