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Make a Scene - Tips for Storytellers with Dr. Alyce McKenzie

July 29, 2021

Make a Scene - Tips for Storytellers and Preachers with Dr. Alyce McKenzie

Camp meetings, like Hollow Rock Camp Meeting, are festivals of preaching. Often people go to remote areas, stay in rustic environments, take a vacation from work, and willfully and joyfully listen to a couple of dozens of sermons in the open air. I had the privilege of preaching ten times in ten days and was reminded of the power and appeal of what Dr. Ellsworth Kalas called, “the sacred art of preaching.” Since preaching is so important in the Christian experience, I am excited to share this week’s content.

On today’s More to the Story podcast, I talk with a scholar and practitioner of this art – Dr. Alyce Mackenzie. She shares insights and tips from her new book, Making a Scene in the Pulpit. Even if you are not a preacher, this interview will help you think better about preaching.

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Here’s are some links from Alyce that you might find helpful.

In addition to teaching at SMU-Perkins, Alyce is the director of the Perkins Center for Preaching Excellence at SMU Website. Find out more about that Center here:

Alyce's author page:

Amazon author page:

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