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May 20, 2021

Dear Friends,

Abby: We are writing to share news about our family. As of June 20, 2021, Andy and I will be concluding our 14 years as officers in The Salvation Army. After that date, we will be moving to Jackson, MS, where Andy will serve as the Vice President of Academic Affairs and Professor of Theology at Wesley Biblical Seminary. While this appears to be a sudden unexpected career change, Andy and I can see how God has graciously been laying a foundation for this possibility for some time. As you can imagine, such a decision came only after prayer, fasting, and seeking advice from mentors. As Andy starts a new career path, I plan to take advantage of having some flexibility with my time to help our family get established in a new home and community.

Andy: As we look ahead to our new home in Jackson, we intend to soldier (attend church) at the Jackson Corps. We plan to stay engaged in the Army’s local mission. My writing and research will, I believe, continue to serve the Army. I have been working on a second doctorate, a Ph.D. in historical theology, at Manchester University (U.K.) for the past year. My dissertation focuses on William Booth’s doctrine of the church. This degree is not funded by the Army.

Andy and Abby: The Army has generously provided for our lives these 14 years, so you can imagine, this decision is a leap of faith for us. We recognize that this is a big change for our children, Andy, Titus, and Georgia, as they have grown up serving alongside us. We are grateful for the countless moments God provided to use us and bless us as a family, through Salvation Army officership.

We will be sad to leave Tampa, just as it was hard to leave Madisonville, KY, Arlington, TX and Gwinnett County, GA. After we made the decision to leave, we met with Colonels Ken and Dawn Luyk. While disappointed, they were supportive of us. We learned that the Army had planned, this June, to move us on from Tampa after five years in this appointment. We will miss members of our board, staff, church members, and friends from Cambridge Christian School.

While we don’t yet know who the new Area Commanders/Corps Officers for Tampa will be, we are certain, by God’s grace, that The Salvation Army in Tampa will thrive in the future.

We know we are embarking on a new adventure for our family, and we are all eager to learn what this new phase of our family’s life will include. We look forward to learning how God will use our family in the future.

For the King,

Andy and Abby Miller

Here’s a link to a podcast interview I did with WBS president, Dr. Matt Ayars. If you listen to this interview, you will get a sense of where we are going.

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