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Perfect Love-Kevin Watson-Recovering Methodism’s Lost Power

June 24, 2021

Abby, the kids, and I made the move to Ridgeland, MS this week. I will start as VP of Academic Affairs and Professor of Theology at Wesley Biblical Seminary on July 1. Before leaving Florida, I had this great conversation with Dr. Kevin Watson.

Many people in Wesleyan-holiness denominations have been looking for a clear, theologically focused book on holiness. Kevin Watson’s new book Perfect Love scratches that itch. I LOVED THIS CONVERSATION WITH KEVIN and I think you will too. You can find a link here


Audio Podcast

You can find a link to Kevin's new book here.

I had the privilege of writing an endorsement for this book, here’s what I said:

With passion, clarity, and focus Kevin Watson yearns for the broad Methodist movement to experience, preach, and claim an infusion of perfect love—holiness. Watson’s scholarly grounding and pastoral focus remind me of salvationist Samuel L. Brengle. I will be recommending Perfect Love for the rest of my life.

—Captain Dr. Andy Miller III, Area Commander and Pastor The Salvation Army, Tampa, Florida

Also, I helped Seedbed connect with THE GENERAL of The Salvation Army, and here’s what he said.

Phrases like entire sanctificationfull salvationholiness, and second blessing of holiness reminds me of a personal call to which I respond in the affirmative. I applaud a clear call to awaken ourselves to the blessing and gift of entire sanctification and I celebrate not simply a link to a tradition of teaching but a real experience that does translate into hope and healing . . . from the uttermost to the uttermost.

General Brian Peddle The Salvation Army International, London, England, UK

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Here’s a link to Kevin Watson’s other books:

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For the King!

Dr. Andy Miller III

Ridgeland, MS

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