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REVIVAL AT ASBURY-Steve Seamands, Dr. Michael Brown and more

February 13, 2023

Asbury Revival

The work of King Jesus in Wilmore, KY is an answer to prayer. With hundreds of friends and family impacted by this awakening at Asbury, I had a couple of conversations with people there. Here are a few links to those testimonies of God’s work. Additionally, I did a live interview with my friend, Dr. Michael Brown, who was a leader in the Brownsville Revival and has some advice as we begin this period of awakening.

Conversations with Diane Ury and Charity Johnson

Conversation with Dr. Steve Seamands

Conversations with Drs. Michael Brown and Nathan Miller

Conversation with Students and Ministry Leaders at Asbury University

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Let's keep praying for these students, the leaders of the revival, and most importantly that Jesus' sweet presence will continue to transform our world.

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