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Examples of Mixed Messages in The Salvation Army

September 2, 2021

On Thursday, September 2, 2021, I published a More to the Story Podcast that alluded to mixed messages in The Salvation Army on human sexuality.

Since that time, I have updated this article to include more examples of these mixed missages:

This image was tweeted on May 17, 2023

Here are some examples of those mixed messages:

1) This picture was published with the release of Chosen to Be a Solider, and was later removed:

2) Here are two letters from Territorial Leaders in The Salvation Army, providing what I called in the podcast a "softening" of The General's clarity:

3) Links add on July 22, 2022[0]=AZWRet1vMOScC9TfdWJqrLCr_Hr1WVEsdVrjUiWApVMfk1XIR3K0Xx9oOTlbum0u3nqBdgTfSip2qOXO-YiSuhol53Wgx0CdkVVGSS3J53eZ-jHb-JtYRZwU2ELvhb9bUqo4TMK6XSOCnZ1FDxG2MopxRLkr0JjfHRZ41vg8hSdxSQ&__tn__=-UK-R

4) Here is a copy of the International Theological Council's "Let's Talk about Same-Sex Relationships" document. I simplify this document by saying it suggests an "agree to disagree approach." If you would like to see this full document, please send me message.

Here is General Peddle's clear word from earlier the summer of 2021:

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