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Mixed Messages in The Salvation Army on Human Sexuality

September 2, 2021

Most denominations are having to focus their attention on issues of human sexuality. This concern is downstream from larger theological matters of revelation and the human body. In today’s More to the Story podcast, I offer reflections on recent happenings in The Salvation Army and mixed messages therein. Dr. Matt Ayars provides some feedback and observations coming outside of my denominational tradition.

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There’s no doubt that this is the most sensitive, perhaps uncomfortable, podcast I have published. I put it out in the public view because I believe lines are being drawn, and I want to encourage those attaching their foundation to orthodox convictions. Also, I hope it will persuade those sitting in the fence to consider the implications involved.

In this podcast, I mention two earlier interviews with subject experts: Dr. Janet Dean on conversation therapy (, and Mark Tooley on the split coming in the United Methodist Church (

Also, I mention my article, ‘On Changing the Army’ -

For examples of the mixed messages in the Army, see the following:

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